July 7th, 2004


easter egg + technology

for you-know-who:

eta: oh. fuck. i am torn between all kinds of viri and browsers anyway - please read this as background on why we should stop using windows *. then i was confused by reading something on teletext about microsoft now making the same trouble for google and yahoo that it did for netscape ...? then i found that microsoft were allowed to patent the use of the human body as a computer. somehow, the act of the patent office scares me more than the predictable move by microsoft.

i enjoy well thought-out sci-fi, but i feel a bit sick now. i have the urge to move away from my keyboard or monitor but am kept here by the knowledge that any distance to my apparatus will only bring me closer the my neighbours. the world is spherical, and there is no way out, and in space, no-one can hear you scream.

* the 800+ comments there make a fascinating depressing read.

birthday egg + bits

juliatheyounger, this took fucking hours a little bit longer than i thought and deciding on the text took even longer, but now i love it. text can be changed. hope you like:

some of you know that wednesday is my day off. i wanted to try to sleep. but at 7 a.m. the loudest noise i had ever heard in my entire life tore me out of r.e.m. so brutally that i was left shaking and gasping. it took me a while to crawl to the window and find out that right below it, bronzed, half-naked young men with nice big ear-mufflers were tearing up the pavement with a jack-hammer. they would stop every 10 min until i drifted off again, then continue. i went down and saw that they are allowed to do this until 5.30 p.m. - and i had wanted to open the window, catch some sun.

What do people really think of your LJ?
LJ Username
People think your journal is pretty damn hot
Actually hates you : cruisedirector
Wants to be you : mimine
Wants to get in your pants : lunulet
Isn't a real person : petitemillicent
Percentage of your journal that isn't boring - 8%

this result goes well with one i did here. if you know about nocturne_alley, that is ...

-/_ doesn't change the dellusion fact that you think my lj hot. and boring. i want potterstinks to like me and prillar + cassie to covet me/my attention. yellowsummer, brush up on -me-knowledge!

how soon is now? these things take time.

yellowsummer said i had to post again. which i have already done the last few days. but i cannot cope nobody's hitting on me. with the flist. and thoughts of work. come on over and give me a hand and take my mind of the vitriol that is my daily bread.

in the meantime i met joe hahn! from linkin park, crossing a street near my house! i could not believe it and whispered to my friend and then the lights turned green and as we crossed we passed him and he was talking in english to the girl he was with. and then we stood there, lights red, they were disappearing, and yellow would have had a handycam but i had been too inhibited to suggest it and i was angry at myself for it. we were wondering if they had been to a festival here, and if it was possible (i know the gf part is, one in every port) and so 10 min went by and i could no longer see them, agagagaga.
i checked. time-wise, it is a possibility. otherwise, i tend to think it was more likely a fan using the same style. still. he looked exactly like him.

then we went to the cinema. finally. it's the only way i get my yellow-time ;P

i saw two british films. one of them was "poa", the other "shrek 2".

1) previews: i predict tiger-slash. no: tiger-cest ♥ can't wait for it!!

2) i was ridiculously happy to hear "ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn't be falling in love with)", even though it did not fit the scene. in any other setting i might not have liked the songs, but their use was very enjoyable, and also very british. yellowsummer, i was right (i should trust my initial thoughts i really should), it was the buzzcocks Collapse )

i would have sent it to you, but can't find it. i can't even find bdb anywhere - is there some other option but supra?!? and what does the "r" mean which replaced some of the "i"s in front of the file titles?

aside: i keep forgetting that there was the perfect pop song. most people have forgotten. two-and-a-half minutes, highly melodic and packing a punch.

2b) i am convinced at least half of the people working on "shrek" are gay. that is such a very, very gay movie; they have more drag-queens than royal queens in there.

- i am so proud that i recognised rupert everett, jennifer saunders, john cleese and frou-frou from the first words spoken! wish i could use that ability in life somewhere. any tips?

- brits everywhere. but don't be deceived: just as with australians, hollywood reaps it all. the talent works in their films, but the productions are american, and so is the money, but worst of all, history will credit everything to american film production. in australia, this has led effectively to the end of any creative film-making. as much as i adore productions made there, i feel the loss.

- the. puthy. puth in bootth. for the first time since almodovar-movies did i like antonio banderas. looooove the puthy. ask yellowsummer how i kept stretching my hands towards the screen, grasping empty air. waaaaah. dammit. and i have not touched a cat for 6 months now!

the dog was the only unnecessary thing. especially its survival, pffft.

- the jokes seemed less funny, maybe because too much lotr *g* but that is only in retrospect. we loved the film. it might be the best film i see all year - and it is not hinging on any character or situation. i don't even like or fancy any character (uhm - except for the puss) - but the film as a whole made me sad and was able to touch me because it was so ... dry. uhm. like my babbling.

question: is human!shrek someone generally considered hunky and handsome? seriously, do you find him attractive? sexy? gorgeous even? please tell me!! i don't get it.

- ah. the cat. :°(

4) parting is such sweet sorrow. and sticking to corny quotes:

4b) i'm on the road to nowhere Collapse )

and finally, safe in the knowledge that nobody has read this far, the office: i am eaten up from the inside. not only drained, but filled with acid. today she told me that the bimonthly newsletter i worked on for a month had never been sent, because after she - ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - came back from paris, she had to go to brussels, and then she had two busy weeks, and after i have been back for a whole week she tells me i will have to redo the whole newsletter. but of course it is my fault, because when she came back most of it was outdated (lie) and every article had to be rewritte (which she already made me do 3 times and was no longer necessary) and it was all my fault. and then the pitying look and the sigh when i objected and plainly said that was not true.

oh no. spamming does not help. much. tuesday i went to bed at 8 pm, thursday at 6 pm. i spent 12 hours tossing and turning in the dark, half-awake, night-maring away.

quotes by fugazi, helmet, the smiths, talking heads, evan dando, the buzzcocks et al.
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