July 5th, 2004



murray gold is my favourite composer, maybe even surpassing danny elfman these days. i am proud to have immediately recognised that the score for "beautiful creatures" was by him. as it is so hard to find factual information on the net i am linking this.

sadly, i was too sad to actually watch it, despite the rivetting rachel weisz and old favourite iain glenn and the city of glasgow (i had forgotten to pay attention to that).

i keep going back to british movies. yes hannah, british, encompassing english and scottish and sometimes even welsh and irish talent. "linda green" picked me up last night, and the qaf-sphere is extending everwhere.

yes, they are working on the queer as folk musical, but what with the us version ruling the web i cannot find any updates. flist, know anything??

i am not into rabbits, but there is a sometimes emotional, quiet, but also hilariously amusing japanese site of a rabbit balancing things on his head that seemed to have become famous in america, which is why i linked to an english explanation instead of the actual site. i love the "accident" one linked on the english page, it reminds me of my cats.

and i had only followed the link because i love to drink good oolong.

"his last head-performance". dammit. now even a bloody rabbit makes me cry!
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1) flist skip=800, and i am not even sure about that, as i had occasionally started going through it, then missed large chunks.

2) the questions on my toilet paper are getting more interesting.

3) i was actually looking forward to watching "day-o" (my invisible friend) on tv tonight, not only the story - can't get enough of it, same as "drop dead fred", even same girl, ha-ha, i knew it - but look how ugly the cutie turned thanks to society - but especially sweet little elijah. only, after 7 minutes the screen went blank! the other channels work, but i am missing minute after minute of elijah without knowing why. don't tell me i am not cursed.

7 july 2004:

have not been able to view a single pic for the last 2 hours. maybe the fanartists all decided to change all their links recently, maybe it is me. anyway, i deinstalled mozilla firefox again. now ie does not recognize half the urls. perfect ending.

ps: i added a couple of artists i check out frequently anyway and hope that maybe, one day, i will be able to see more than red crosses.

The Captain Malcolm
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