July 3rd, 2004



there is hardly an actress these days that i can bear to look at, so it is always exceptional when i find a woman so beautiful (in my eyes) that i never get tired of looking at her. as actresses they are of course also gorgeous in the conventional sense, but martina gedeck is also the second woman after juliet stevenson that breaks my heart when she grieves.

i cannot find a single pic online that would do her justice:


bstöd & ned o-ghoit

it's been so long, i had already forgotten my password.

i can't stop posting but somehow it does not make it better. at all. tuesday i went to bed at 8 pm, thursday at 6 pm. i spent 12 hours tossing and turning in the dark, half-awake, nightmaring away. and every day not at work is spent cloistered in here, coz even my parents went back on their promise and stood me up. today. again.
i so would have needed that old palm and the free comics.