June 27th, 2004


please take a moment for this serious/tricky question!

a number of people on my flist are from families practicing judaism, so i was hoping to get an answer to a seemingly inane question which has been occupying my mind. i am asking this from people living in a jewish community, or having done so for the simple reason that it is not about history or religion, only about looks.

anyone watching "the nanny" or woody allen movies will have noticed that "being jewish" is also described looks-wise. i have narrowed it down for myself to "jewish" looks actually being either mediterranean or irish, i.e. dark hair and eyes with the much maligned large nose, or freckles and red hair - which involves the gender question as well, as red hair seems to be applied more to women than men.

personally, i also noticed it in actors - there are a number of dark haired actors who always play italian or jewish characters on the one hand. on the other i recently found out that a number of actors i find attractive all happen to have jewish ancestors/families (jason isaacs for one), but i am hesitant to credit the facial characteristics (wide, swooping eye-brows for example) to their families' religion.

if you leave out clothing, we might say that certain women look swedish or eastern european (i am thinking of models here), or that dark skinned men with limpid eyes are latin lovers. otherwise, it is mostly clothing and other that make us think of nationalities (apart from the three? big race-categories that i am not interested in here).

what is considered "looking jewish" today? i have by now come to some sort of answer for myself, but i don't want to say it yet, as i am hoping for descriptions from you.

thanks for any input!
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cats want roosters, or: reading against terror

i am finally reading robert rodi's "fag hag".
getting it was a long story in itself (saw it on a shelf in london, unsure if i wanted it as there was a whole section in every bigger store devoted to "gay fiction"; later could not get the title out of my head, tried ordering it for years, etc.). actually i am "happy" to have received this cover *sigh* a pussy & two cocks ... and yes, i double-checked: robert also writes for the comic "elektra", and my jason will feature in a movie version.

in the state of fear and blind panic i am in (work tomorrow), i thought i might stomach it, and i do. it is both less and more of what it should be, which equals out to being what i expected, right?! not the situation as such, but the hopeless emotions involved speak to me now more than ever. usually i would say that every slasher should have to read it (together with gay_sex_tips & how_to_write), but at the moment i am not even reading it for the fag-hag-factor. am just emotionally caught up. half-drowning in despair. clinging and floundering.

are you reading this? ooops, sorry. *gets grip* ok: it is a good book. i expect the right-wing-hero to relent a tiny little bit, the fact that the heroine is supposed to be fat fits the majority of online slashers, and the fact that that kind of weight does not correspond to the visuals fits the bridget-jones-ness of her story. more once i finish it (about midnight?).

remember how i asked you if you "got milk"? i actually meant it, and mean lil yellowsummer would have had some and never replied *growls a bit* but i still want to show the bbs to _bettina_ ... and a young angel to you all:

the sickest children's book ever, found thanks to apocalypsos.
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