June 26th, 2004


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so that's how it works - i just have to leave the computer i had occupied for 2 weeks straight and finally: lj works again! it was just out to get me. yes, i am in that kind of mood. monday i will get appraised officially and i will be "unsatisfactory" as esb cannot afford to not do that to me, after having prevented my paris trip by saying i was not satisfactory. lamb to the slaughter. if only i had been able to do anything good these two weeks and stop thinking.

lots of discussion whether book six will really be called "hp & the pillar of love". although "storge" does also sound like some english hamlet or such. storge-upon-trent? i doubt this as much as f_w disappearing. at least i am happy to see barty crouch played by roger lloyd pack. yes, not robert, the leaky cauldron initially gave him a wrong name. he is one of the few old man one can fancy. even as the disgusting owen in "the vicar of dibley" (arms/singlet).
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tee-totaller trying to get drunk on baileys

finally watched "männerzirkus", that movie based on "animal husbandry", i forgot what it was called in english. i wanted to see hugh jackman again, but the reason why i did not go see it at the cinema still holds: i am furious with hollywood for using a pseudo-feminist story to attack women. that "cow-theory" might have been new 40 years ago, or 140, but it is beyond old now. even the most ordinary "common" people have read about that in some old paper at the doctors, or seen it in a talk-show. "i've had you", as stuart said. but you don't even have to read anything to "know" this - for centuries it has been a given that men stray, men want younger women, men are polygamous. "what a waste-r, what a fucking waste-r", as the libertines sing.

they let dancer hugh only jump over a bed, but ashley judd (i might like her, if i ever saw her real face) had to dance sexier-than-naked. they used wonderful british madness for the "wrong" relationship and sappy old american schmalz for the "right" one :( and i don't understand why they made it so very weak, a little tweak here and there and it might have worked!! i laughed once, when she wanted to have her sense of smell removed, so she did not have to remember whenever she smelled him again. guess that's the kind of thing i would do. and her sister was a wonderful character. but ... argh *tears hair*

eta: i found an article written on the basis of the script for "animal husbandry". the weaknesses were already visible for the reviewer, who was hoping for all kinds of interesting and good things that never made it into the finished film.

as juliatheyounger, milady22 and yellowsummer (ps: they are picking on hermione's belt , wanna go and defend your cuaron's taste?) are offline anyway, i can spam away without feeling guilty for forcing them to reply (by the simple fact of me posting and nobody replying).

and generally moan and "pray" that the rumours of ralph fiennes playing voldemort will stop soon. nowish.
the idiot handsome man might even do it, they do anything to look ugly in movies. for that matter, the oft voiced insane wish that jude law play him/anybody might become reality for the same reason.

eta: i actually wrote a long comment in reply to thamiris open question on identity and bnfs, which she strongly disagrees with. i guess i still express myself poorly.
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