June 18th, 2004


reading material

we all have different methods of writing fanfic, but do we all read them the same way? i noticed that most of us only read shorter fics online/live (which also came up in the feedback debates), but what do you do with the bulk of fanfic you read?
- bookmark or save?
- print (if so, how much formatting do you do, do you have favorite fonts/layouts?) or
- read in digital format (if you have a palm/handheld/pocket i would love to know which model you can recommend)?

i tend to lose track of fics if i just bookmark them, but i also have a number of linklists (when i say a number, i mean at least 600 links with cryptic comments beside them) saved as a word document. only recently i started saving fics as .html, as i no longer have the time to copy, paste and format them before saving as word.

how about you?

and what prompts your choice
- the cost of ink/printing,
- the need to make the fic look nice(r) and/or to hold paper in your hand,
- worry about eye-sight, time-constraints, or
- just the need to read in bed with one hand free)?

more randomness


want to pay a month's wages to see james and david on stage? then go here. me? that kind of thing suddenly does not make me regret the end of angel anymore ...

the 138 latest pictures at hogwartsgallery of gary, daniel, emma, rupert and tom are always an eye-opener for me, as i don't really follow them elsewhere. Collapse )

tonight's concert starts 2-3 hours later than expected, and i just want to lie down and sleep, not drag my sore foot and throat there. typical me. inaction is a weapon of mass destruction. have to run now. at least i will see yellowsummer!

interview with david in the australian "the age" from 18 june transcribed here:

This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!

that's exactly what i thought, poor guy(s)! nothing compared to being tortured as a boy. the article is funny though, hehe, gaz ...

eta: proof that lj-usage is the cause for spam (as if never having had any before using lj didn't count): i got an email by "pip" today and one with the suject line "pip". i guess none of you guessed it stood for "post in process" either, but those busy bots and bugs sure used it right away!
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