June 12th, 2004


a fuck a day keeps the nightmares at bay

last night i dreamed that somebody loved took a wonderful photo of me, like i had never seen it and never will in rl. i said "i look like nathan fillion" and was so happy about the flat cheeks and clear eyes and skin and the positive expression, stubborn yet not lost. it was beautiful. i was beautiful. well, bear with me.

i tried to find the photo in the pile again but never did retrieve it.

woke up of my own accord today, even though i had messaged juliatheyounger till 2 am. thought of my draverus stories, one of which we might write together. i broke both of them in my head - i have never read a realistic paederast snarry, and i want something without the excuse of death-eater rituals or previous abuse.

but then i lay down again, coz the thought of having to go shopping for food and that i should go to hospital made me tired immediately. i have always had narcoleptic tendencies. will beta juliatheyounger's next chapter first, good excuse.

who needs ten toes anyway?!

i am trying to capture the paris-experience that was taken away from me by not washing my laundry, thereby creating an atmosphere of hotel rooms in here.

do not click on anything like "this is very interesting" in any of your friends journals, it is a self-multiplying bug which links to http://sneak.datavibe.net/misc/lj/ and hijacks your address.

does anybody know what happened to the dilbert and get-fuzzy feeds?!
why were they suspended/deleted? :(
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dunno if this works now - it did not the last 3 times: go and run virus programmes right now. that link has installed a virus on my pc (i never ever have any of them). pages don't load, the computer freezes and crashes.

and don't burn all your food for the next week while doing it.

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