June 9th, 2004


thoughts trickling in ...

like the shards of my soul?

i want to see the 5th movie right now. no matter how good or bad it will be, i need to see it right now, i need to see sirius and remus. i will leave the auditorium before the end though, i just want a bit more right now. of the emotion i did not see enough of but can empathise best with.

see david speak about his co-stars etc. - and please let me know if you can save this!

as musesfool comments in ashinae's lovely pic-spam, "here he looks completely Remusy. Why oh *why* did they go for that godawful moustache and the hair and the Mr. Chips suits? What was the point of that?" personally, i think it was less the torture and more his change over the years, but it was the quality you see in those pics that make it clear why he was chosen. *pokes pam*

on with the other-fandom-mix-ups: i guess i should go see "i, robot" after all, and not just chuck away that ticket. alan tudyk plays the robot, not just the voice, but gollum-esque jumping around in a neon green track suit for the cg of the actual robot as well.

i could starve dementors

worked from before 9.00, when i looked at my map of paris the whole time while the others pretended they were not monsters. Collapse )

now it is nearly midnight and i "work" at home. i have to find more stuff on the net for s.b. or she will call me in my "holidays", which she already had "forgotten". but my eyes don't focus, it's all blurry, and my wrist hurts.
actually, my wrist pulsates strangely.

my former supervisor laughed with the bastardconsul and his secretarywife all night. 4 hours. i feel so betrayed. it hurts.

i just missed the final episodes of "two pints of lager". i have no bread.

the final drop was, once again, a typical citizens abusing me for riding my push-bike in a manner he disliked. a complete stranger, shouting at me in the local slang.


i am so unhappy.

i am so profoundly unhappy.

i am so desperately unhappy.

a dementor would starve with me in its clutches, i swear.

gary oldman is lost in space

"herrgott, muß denn jedes problemchen gleich in sentimentalitäten ausarten?"

he's got the only intelligent lines, but is hamming it up and looks very much like his name ...

"sarcasm is the refuge of weak minds" ... we are not supposed to believe that.

even later:
gary finally had a brilliant scene - with the little boy. seems he can act with kids. plus that was probably the best actor on that set anyway.

oh, and all women are dead. only men left. should be very slashy. if they were not so boring.

"i never liked myself" - laugh or cry at that?!
first gary as spider-man kills his "normal" self.
then he has an eiersack *roflmao*
and then his new brood kills his spider-self.
but - yay - he still ain't dead! omg i can't believe it. ;P