June 3rd, 2004


waily waily


help. help. help.

i just wasted valuable fic-finishing-time at something that turned out to be a baby-shower.

Collapse ) the squeeing was too much for me. i think i did not say a word for 2 hours, frozen to the chair, and there were only 4-5 people! and it took hours and i left first as the only one and i need to finish those fics but i cannot
let go, let go!!!!

argh!! *looks longingly out of the 4th floor window*

eta: despite going to the same woman, again, and uttering the same request, again, i now have a horrid face new haircut, instead of the cute one i usually get every 4 months. i guess that's why she charged me 2 dollars less this time?

which neatly brings me to tom felton again, who is so much taller and more mature even on a crappy little video than he comes across in print ... but who says "sure i would date a fan" and eagerly looks around for willing pretties - he is soooo like james marsters, anyway you twist and turn it *shakes head* *g*
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Fic: You're playing with the big boys now! (Draco/George + Fred, R)

Title: You're playing with the big boys now!
Author: _inbetween_
Pairing: Draco/George + Fred
Rating: R/NC-17?
Length: appr. 1600 words
Disclaimer: HP 1-5 © JRK; beta of bits by juliatheyounger - all mistakes are my own fault.
Written for The "I Don't Want to Die a Virgin" Challenge by scribbulus_ink
Summary: It was a dark and stormy night. Draco always had a lively imagination, and the twins wanted to turn that against him.

Collapse )