May 30th, 2004


three films

"eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

i thought that was an original title, but it's a quote by pope alexander (;)) ... hamma wida was geleant!
kate winslett lost so much weight that she looks like keira knightly, or natalie portman now. only the lift of her lip shows it is her, otherwise - otherwise everyone is happy that she is very thin!thin!thin now.
rubber-face is good, just like in "the truman show". i still hate stubble on any man, but i think he needed it to get into character. it was funny to see how he had to struggle to reign himself in, e.g. when he pulled out his hand on the ice, or when he ran or opened his eye-lids with his fingers.
elijah was not really mean. the other guy was a copy of the guy in every new york movie of the last decade, from "walking&talking" to "living in oblivion".
i hate kirsten and will always hate her and i dread her in "spider-man 2". and i hate every director who shows their skinny young things hopping around in pink underpants. slips. whatever. *looks at "lost in translation"*

nice. really nice. the only film that is like jean-luc godard's oeuvre and still/despite that entertaining and coherent. actually much more coherent than i thought, i expected more memory-wipes, but really the story was more linear than "being john malkovich" - only the style was more radical! a very good depiction of how our mind works, good visualisation of dreams.

very seventies. woody allen and relationship-movies. i forgot of what it reminded me most strongly.

and it was so weird to discuss it with my former supervisor. he said he loved the sentence ~"sometimes i cannot say anything because i am so boring there is nothing to say" and then we agreed we might like to do a "big lebowski" (which is weird, coz my former sup is doing very well, but he considers quitting as well?) and while he liked the thought of spending life in a dressing-gown, i reminded him of the danger of weasels in his bath-tub.

i bit my tongue before going on about draco and the whole hp. just in time.

"die purpurnen flüsse - crimson rivers"

was incredibly bad. it started out rather promising, although i no longer like jean reno anymore. but the moment vincent cassel started kick-boxing it went down, down, down and got so bad that it was not only idiotic but also impossible. shit. this was mathieu kassovitz's work, director of "la haine", star of "amelie"?!? what were those two friends thinking, this was neither funny nor deep, it was just very very shallow, bad, stupid, and pointless. that's why there are sequels and similar films. there are at least 5 similar ones now, "the hour of the pig" with colin firth, "brotherhood of the wolves - le pacte des loups" with mark dacassos and vincent cassel (again), part 2 of "crimson rivers", etc.

"kiss of the dragon"

jet li is very very nice. i love his economy of movement.
and </u>tcheky karyo</u>. of course he is the bad evil one. but sadly the "nikita"-connection includes bridget fonda as well ... bloody hollywood ...
but still, i liiike those two guys. and how jet just sedated two flics, looovely. *ggg* thanks to jackie chan, even better fickers come to our screen. ok, i had to leave in this typo. i meant martial artists, and wrote that instead ...

hahaha, tcheky karyo is doing a sherif of nottingham there, exactly like alan rickman. i love the scene where the little girl - not bad, not tacky - declines the toy car and asks for dolls and he replies "my barbie dolls are all working. i had a turtle, but your mother stole it", i love it. he kills people left and right and has prostitutes and all, but amidst his hysteric ragings (sherif/snape) he has this conversation.

the movie is very racist, btw. the asians are all good (sadly the pretty one is killed before jet could become his lover); the europeans are basically all bad (except for vulnerable women, they cannot do wrong).
there are even the obligatory huge blonde germanic types. in bomber jackets. i think those two were actually jet's match in kungfu/karate/kickboxing, but they were portrayed as your typical "hans/fritz", compare again alan rickman's "die hard" or jackie chan films.
and the black man was a laughing stock, undressing (racist to the extreme, black meat) and then being felled by the superior chinese. i did not mind much, but i notice.
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can you read?

book meme, gacked from florahart:

*bold those you've read
*italicise started-but-never-finished (i included those i only ever had partial copies off)
*underline those you own but haven't gotten to yet
*add three of your own
*post to your livejournal

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instead of writing ...

Gabriel. You're most like the ArchAngel of Communication, in charge of things like telephones, libraries, internet, and the 411 phone menu. You're organised and are not shy about inflicting that organisation on others.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?

friends?skip=320 ... and that's only half of it i think. i need a break.
eta: skip=740 *slits throat deletes friends*

so i invented my first meme:

what are your favourite materials and why?

comment here, then post it in your journal. mine are:

  • water
  • wood
  • wool
  • velvet(een)(it's close to alliteration, right?)

    because i love the textures, i love the tactility of these materials.
    i don't care for silk. sand is ok though, very arousing ;)
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