May 25th, 2004


pass me the cherry jam

nearly 2 am and i did not notice. i am only -180 and have twice as much to go, why?! i was online just as long last night?! oh. too many communities, perhaps?

apologies for the inconvenience

that's also the new name of my lj. some of you might recognise the reference. basically i need to say again that work=rl is treading me down so badly that i find it very hard to keep it away from lj. i can only cover it up with humour.

i am now once again overdosing on bread and butter. "grandioso" costs about 3 euros for its measly 400g, is a "simply" white bread, and as i eat at least half of it in one go, that might be my most extravagant food. bread.
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yellowsummer, look at what gary oldman has to say:

"Alfonso’s image of the new characters - Peter Pettigrew, Professor Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter - of those guys as friends, as Hogwarts, is a bit like the Beatles, Sirius being a bit like John Lennon, who is the slightly maverick one, a stinging wit and a bit outspoken.

"But, then again, I might not be people’s idea of who Sirius Black is. I met a kid recently who came to the set who was looking me up and down and said, ‘I thought you’d look a bit paler, your hair is a bit long.’ I was obviously a huge disappointment," he adds with a grin.

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that was ... fun ..... 01

did you ever shop in the dark? lights in the supermarket must have short-circuited. it was open, the register still worked, but completely dark. only through the narrow windows over the outermost shelves some lights came in. it was so eery!
everyone was completely quiet! i have never heard(?) such a hush in any shop. luckily i knew where the products were placed, because strangers could not possibly have found anything.
to be in the supermarket in the dark with strange, completely quiet people made me want to giggle uncontrolably. it felt somehow forbidden and spookily cool. i had to keep suppressing my grin.

sbvh still has not signed my leave form, so i could not get my travel booked and time might already have run out, and now she is even more against me going somewhere for a few days with milady22 than the 2 days in paris. she orally permitted it two weeks ago, then refused to sign all week on some pretence ("no time" when i was standing in front of her with pen and paper ready), now she says she needs to think about it some more. all my colleagues can't believe it and have no influence. how can a person be so petty, mean, devious, ... i cannot find suitable words.

i am in a perpetual state of nerves, anxiety, fear. but if i quit i don't get anything. if they let me go, i get severance pay. plus, i am fine with my colleagues now (apart from hating them for never paying tax and earning 3 times what i do).

nobody wanted to go to the cinema with me, or they were out of town, or even out of the country. i was too late for "troy" anyway, so i just pondered possibilities of removing the gorgeous green gary from the wall, only pins holding it down ... i will never get it :(

i want the posters. ratbastards.

also they have a summer ticket, 25 euros for 10 blockbusters. that is so much cheaper than normal, but i only want to see 4-5 of them at all. the others would be perfect for apocalypsos, but i do not want to go and see "catwoman" or "day after tomorrow". hm, what to do. i don't have much time and should be outside more, not watching movies (i don't want to see), but it's an offer.
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that was ... fun .... 02

my usual round, just without the cinema or a friend or actually doing anything. yeah, pathetic. after my usual yucky-kebap i went down to the grottiest comic store in town. as it is not cheaper, but more expensive than the others (which should not be possible with fixed prices on books) i never buy there, even if they occasionally have a more unusual graphic novel. i just wanted to make sure that they did not have those gorgeous movie posters (of course they did not).

so why did i end up spending a fortune there? Collapse )

i had bought the first issue of "blacksad" a year ago (recommended as being similar to "garulfo"), and was unsure if i wanted another. i loved the colours and the style, but - like most normal comics/graphic novels - i found the story boring. not enough funny bits ;) i took it along though. on a whim i asked him if they had any "meatballs" or "meatmen", i had forgotten the correct title. he did the expected negating but cought himself and said with a strange look on his face "what kind of comic is that", to which i answered non-cholantly "gay porn".

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he looked beautifully blurry like a manga character when looked at for longer - the hair not really black, and iris and pupil together seeming one huge dark-grey orb. maybe i am going blind (i can't read those ridicolously small icon fonts) ... but i was a bit surprised as he looked rather unusual all of a sudden (not asian though). now i think that guy would be one person that could make boring harry potter interesting for me!

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damn the man.
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wear a lilac towel today!!

in honour of two of the greatest (comic) minds of the universek:

we should remember the glorious people's republic of treacle mine road!
25th of May. don't forget to wear your lilac and your towel at all times.
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