May 17th, 2004


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to partly quote prillalar: when I have a role in the creation of a good story, as a beta I feel a rather avuncular pride in that story. Look! I want to say, this really great story is related to me! Today is a good day for avuncular feelings. Go read this or be chivvied by winged monkeys:

juliatheyounger has reached chapter 31 of "sunrises" (or will have by the time most of you read this). go to her lj and read. it´s currently still pg-13 ( i think) but we are working towards nc-17 there *lol*

why didn´t i do this before? hm. i generally do not rec stories (hell, i hardly ever read anything longer than a drabble) and i am not reading much snotter ;P except as a beta *g*. i´m not sure if there are many snarry fans reading this, but it´s good! you will enjoy it! and while still a wip it will be finished. *nods*
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we all know it.
we all do it.
but for me, it is one of the - if not the - biggest problem(s). no matter whether i am home for a day or three weeks, i will not get anything done. no matter if i start right away or try to trick my mind by casually doing a thing here or there - no matter if i spend days working and never doing anything for fun, nothing is ever achieved.

as today is the end of yet another week at home, and as i only yesterday managed to clear 1/3 -1/2 of the desk (never the whole!), i finally started filing. going through the papers. putting all the papers into one room. ok, two rooms. ok, at least wipe the dust of the top sheets of each of the enormous piles!!

i no longer switch on the computer first thing in the morning. i even go and switch of the power supply to all of the connections. i avoid looking at it. at least i try. i try to listen to the radio in the background.

i have to keep constant vigilance because my treacherous body keeps getting up and running away. it insinuates that i am very very tired and need to lie down for a bit. the eyes keep wandering up the walls. the hands stop moving whenever i don´t pay attention. and i go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. and wash face and hands.

eta: that´s also why i am extremely conscientious about doing beta. and i read things friends want me to read for reasons of their own. but i never ever watch stuff that i want to watch, as some of you have found out. and i am stressed to breaking point by writing for myself as well.

it´s past lunchtime now, so i caved in. as usual. i could tell myself that i really made some headway, whatever that is. i could tell myself that without shelves and without enough folders, i simply cannot get a grip on the flood of paper anyway. it is true. i really need shelves.

i have been trying to make up my mind and draw up a sketch for the carpenter for months now. or rather nearly two years.

we all do it. but for me, it is the biggest problem.
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just checking

i have already used other words in my fic, but still wonder about this: to anybody online right now, could you help me with some older expressions/synonyms for the following words and phrases, preferably mid-19th-century british english, but it does not have be precise, it simply should sound older than this:

"get your act together" (is "pull yourself together" better?)
"upstart" or "snob" (for people who are both; is "toffee-nosed" old enough?)
"eating each other out/up" (devouring with kisses)
"coming on to someone" (a particular (set of) actions, specific not general)
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below pic is eye-candy to attract you to read my post.

which is about this: without having read all the posts, rants, threads and wanks on the subject of ff writers and their readers, i had decided to start commenting to posted fics. not only "loved it" or "nice" but as i would do with a friend, i.e. stating what exactly i liked if i liked something, what struck me, what emotions it evoked, and - if i loved the piece - mentioning a typo or word repetition or similar i noticed. dunno if it is "con_crit", but it is concrete, and i just do it.
which involves me actually reading fics, of course ...
eta: and avoiding comments on stuff i absolutely hated.

i had and still have no idea what this quiz is about and tried to stay close to canon. could have gotten "emotionally flawed" as well, not too fond of the description:

How do you define Remus Lupin?
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