May 16th, 2004


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You are Melancholy!
You're Melancholy! You are ruled by the Black Bile
(which, by the way, doesn't exist). As a
Melancholy, you are gifted, analytical,
aesthetic, self-sacrificing, industrious, and
self-disciplined. Unfortunately, you can also
be moody, touchy, a bit too theoretical,
unsociable, critical, or negative at times.

Which of the four Humours are you?</font>
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on screen

for a few seconds at a time i got pleasantly distracted:

"xena: ares´ little farm"
kevin smith is so funny. he is very bulging and hairy, basically looks like something by tom of finnland - but i like him so much, because he is charming, likable and very very funny. and today was simply too much, from his twitching his breasts to xena teasing him about his age and then his doggy love. lovely. and dead :(

"a knight´s tale"
i get punished for never watching blockbusters. it seems that i will have to go and watch heath ledger movies! all of them! this time they sported rufus sewell (for him i nearly did go to the movies; i don´t believe green eyes exist, but i would like to check his out), alan tudyk (firefly), james purefoy and paul bettany (as chaucer - and he should be slashed with alan so so much - and heath with rufus *nods*).

they are either naked or dressed in flattering clothes, i.e. no cloaks this time. and they fight and tumble and even dance and kiss each other. no infatuation as with "the patrios"/jason isaacs, but so many nice brits in one silly movie (guess he takes the incredibly female blacksmith instead of that femme). i even switched on too late - did they really copy "blackadder"?? *shakes head*

*some more*
and australians again. why. i got over that years ago. i never liked their actors. and now i am haunted, from "van helsing" to"xena" (and "troy", i expect)!!
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