May 12th, 2004


getting "defriended" by dead journals is still stressful

oh damn.
i guess i´m getting really low again:
i am listening to radiohead of my own volition.

eta: my "wolves in the wall" screensaver had this perfectly fitting music, eery, and i wondered why it continued after the pictures were gone. until i realized it was not the screensaver, it was still radiohead. bwah!

my father has accidentially locked me in and will not come to town again for three days. i wish i had gone to the baker yesterday! :(
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is madly in love with
draco .......................... snape
What's Your OTP?

milady22, i´ve read it. or half of it. i am not sure if i will be able to get through the second half, but as i know how it ends anyway, me can now discuss "if you are prepared". if you still are, that is!
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