May 9th, 2004


news of mixed relevance


gary oldman gives his reasons to play sirius black:

"I have not worked for a while, and you've got to make money. I have to pay the bills.
And these actors and actresses I was in the theatre with, years ago, that also made it. A dear friend of mine, David Thewliss [sic], who's playing Professor Lupin, an old friend of mine, Timothy Spall, who plays Peter Pettigrew, and Alan Rickman who I've known for twenty years, we're all in a scene together. Fantastic. Waving our wands around, doing a lot shouting. A lot of shouting acting.
There's no time for subtext. It's what I call "lickety split." Tits and teeth, and there you are! Up front, and get through it. It's not naturalism, it's not Mike Leigh, it's almost Vaudeville.
All my parts are big. I'm not the subtlest actor. Once in awhile I get the chance to do a little bit of subtlety, but, yes, this is out there, in your face".

"as if there weren't already enough reasons to laugh at nickelback" ... i found this at apocalypsos' who found it elsewhere: how you remind me of someday.

eta: and you can watch naked men walking down the road - i like the one who didn´t make it.

mother´s day went surprisingly well: only a deep cut in one thumb and one burnt pan, but food was success and mother could not believe she got two presents as well. son/brother never showed, gave nothing, and phoned briefly in the afternoon, as expected.
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the pen cannot be a sword.
it can be a shield.
serving the same purpose as sunglasses or long hair,
it can hide you -
but only the way a cat is hidden when it closes its eyes.

while sunglasses can make you look cool,
and cigarettes give smokers the illusion of purpose,
you don't look cool - at least not to everybody - with a pen.
but nothing can give you a stronger sense of purpose.

you won't disappear off the face of the earth,
but the other people might.
at least while you are writing.
you closed your eyes to them.

but when you look up, they are still there ...
you can only hope to have created something in the meantime which ...
makes you care less.

and you better not look up before you've done that, otherwise ...

the shield collapses.

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