May 8th, 2004


impressive new tactic

eta: i got another one: Collapse )

*shudder* do you get them as well?! o.0

thanks to lj my previously spam free mailbox has been swamped by penis-enlargement mails for months now. they come every 20 minutes.

but today, this:

Do you want somebody to save you and
take you away from here.
Cause it’s so lonely inside, and so busy out there.
If you’re looking for someone who cares, click below.

i must say, that is novel. have they done some research into lj users?! o.0
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    "know nothing" in my head

trying to think actual fandom thoughts

saw comments equalling spike with draco. not a bad comparison, but usually it´s just about the hair.

i have seen a most amusing icon equalling spike with harry, and angel with voldemort.

but really the case is one of:
drarry = spuffy!

i had that clearer in my mind, with lots of equations but ... ohhh, shiny!

eta: nobody´s talking to me, so i had time to think. it´s easy really:

harry = buffy
draco = spike
hermione = willow
ron = xander
and dumbledore/snape = giles/joyce (take your picks)

ergo: drarry = spuffy
no wonder i ...
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    "know nothing" is by travis. now i know but i can´t get it.