April 24th, 2004


i am a doll

dragged myself outside *gasp* on a saturday. mbf said to meet her at a fleamarket. well, it was suffocatingly smelly and she was not there. a little boy walking past as i perched on a low railing asked his gran if i was a puppet, i kid you not! she had to assure him i was not but he kept casting back doubtful glances at me.

we ended up with mbf trying to get me a bra (one of those unnecessary humiliating experiences in front of mirrors), but we could not find one. so she did not rest until i bought a pair of cheap shoes (she said i was not to get an electronic toy, and that i could not afford a laptop anyway). shoes are ok, but now i moan they are grandmother shoes and the dark red square cut ones would have been so much nicer. i am stuck at age 13?! damn, that would make it illegal for me to read all your stuff! ;P

what have we learned from today´s episode?

  • marc bolan could be played by hugh grant. yes, forget about the glam and the hair, look at the eyes, and the mouth/mimics. fuckety fuck, hugh is born to play in "t. rex - the movie" !!

  • grunge = frilly regency costumes. as i fondly looked at the sleeves of my lower shirt poking out from the sleeves of my upper shirt i realized, belatedly, that not only do the shirts knotted around the waist resemble skirts, no, the other typical fashion, and forget about first impressions, is just like frilly sleeves etc!

  • there´s still no "xena". bin laden should focus on rtl instead of london!

    ---> i´m a pathetic dork. oh, but juliatheyounger called me beta-goddess, and that ought to count for something ;)