April 20th, 2004


knock knock

does anybody reading this live in paris or environs or will be there in the beginning of june or has been there or has relatives there or can otherwise help me regarding affordable short-term accomodation etc.??

i was beyond tired. eyes gave out. hands shaking. went to bed. set alarm clock earlier to organize a present in the morning, so much to do.

15 minutes later i was wide awake. 25 min later i was up. ate a piece of cake i got today because my fennel was so badly cooked that i could not eat it (replacement from the pub). drank milk. took pill. naturally only after i switched on the bloody bloody computer.

i need an excorcist. the poltergeist has me in its grip!!

eta: this is the best pic. it does not work without - - or with _ _ and milady gets the same pic as dissident and mickfish has an otp *snicker* and so on.

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