April 19th, 2004


no matter what you say, i need a life. help!

ha ha ha ha. uhm. actually, it´s pretty sad. i wanted to play with avatars again and thought "hm, which male could i try to create". wacca has done a cute severus and colourful harry, i wanted a "real" guy anyway, but any thoughts of trying jason isaacs vanished when i found that the only acceptable face (i.e. neither cuty girly nor grumpy old man) fitted that *cough*joshua chasez*cough* which bettina has pimped me perfectly. even more scarily, i found his hairstyle and clothes (at least what i´ve seen in an icon somewhere, so i give you my backstreet boy whatever-that-was-again:

and that was my first attempt. at me. but it´s too cute and too thin and i could not get rid of the scarf once i finally found the shoes *g*


i can´t get anything resembling jason isaacs any closer than this. the avatars all look like jc chasez.

with this travesty of captain t. i give up on making avatars. for now ;)
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