April 18th, 2004


second official rant

i demand the following i would humbly like to suggest this proposal: all slash writers have to buy themselves two of those wooden dolls* that artists use for figure drawing. then they drill a hole into each anus and stick some pipe-cleaner (length optional) on the front of each doll.

if the puppets can´t do what you write, you are forbidden to post it.

hm. i should post that on rants. or on some community. just to get lynched.

*: barbie dolls will only be accepted if they bend like humans, no more, no less. and you still have to do the hole/plug thingy. i am sick of impossible acts. acrobatics are fine, but there is a thing called anatomy. oh, and gravity as well.

eta: this is where the seed ignited. *snicker*
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    badly drawn boy *snicker* as background on "changing rooms"