April 16th, 2004


no three questions here

i seem to be the only non-lemming around, so i thought i´ll show you this lovely little thing i got last tuesday.

i had posted about it, but see below, it got deleted. i stood more than 2 hours in a small store (coz the owners had thought there would be fewer people coming) to attend the signing of "nicht lustig" ("not funny") books by their author joscha sauer (only german cartoonist i like; i think). at first he did an actual comic for each and every person, with a story and background and all, but then his bitchy manager came (these days they are always women in the arts world) and he barely had time for me, but he still was extraordinarily lovely and drew me what i asked for (i got the "poodle of death" in my other book).

demented bunny on the rampage

there is something seriously wrong with me.

oh please, you could at least try to look surprised!!

anyway, i am like a demented easter bunny. whenever someone on my flist says "i wish i had an icon like that" i hopp off and make it, no matter if they know me or even want me to make one for them. then i leave it in my lj and a comment to them (poor flist).

these were made for godlessharlot. but if you like one, just credit and use.
it´s a pun, btw, i am not that bad at english.

blame it on those marketing people ringing me every day.
lack of contact with normal human beings (i don´t count colleagues as such ;)).
and the everpresent "beauty" adds, wanting to sell us "self-defence skin moisturizer" (i kid you not, yves rocher sells those) and - naturally - explaining that nobody listens to your mexican-cooking-suggestion because your hair lacks lustre.




the one day i force myself to sit down and watch "6 ft under" i miss an english tv-movie with steven mackintosh in it. steven!! hardly-ever-seen-on-tv and no-discs-or-tapes-available mackintosh!!!

that´s beyond murphy´s law. that´s just ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

eta: and paul mcgann doesn´t count plays the lead. just to rub it in.

daughter of eta: and his body and natty dress are like aidan gillen´s. just more british.

uncle of eta: and steven is called sebastian, just like he was in "twelfth night".

cat of eta: and naturally he resembles craig kelly. a bit. as they do.

bunny of eta: so, naturally, they should be a pair, steven and paul.

fleas on the bunny of eta: and steven died in paul´s lap.
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