March 25th, 2004


gigaaaaaantic, gigaaaaaaantic

i noticed my never-used scanner´s glass was dirty. even the micro-fabric cloth could not remove those odd stains and spots. so i did test-scans of some ancient pencil sketches of mine and - naturally - encountered a new problem: despite the size being only about 10 cms, the file size was gigantic and i did not know how to properly reduce it while keeping the image size. two tries, first a scan i reduced to jpg, then a smaller scan i saved as a bigger gif:

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_bettina_, thank you so much for the card! it was the best thing happening to me on this awful day, i love getting real mail, das ist so nett von dir ♥

i just told your saba1789 that i regret never having done the tourist stuff in london. and that i love that photographer - yann arthus bertrand(.com) is fascinating. look out for the picture of the man and the cat on his website ♥ a beautiful dancer in a black body-stocking holding a tan cat to his chest. i managed to scratch it after carefully cutting it from my book :°( but it´s on his site under "portraits" and "pets" or something like that.

i feel like i shouldn´t post anything coz it seems like i only spam ... but i don´t think i mentioned that i will have to write my first hp slash (or two), did i? as usual, i got into it by accident. now if only i could get into rl by accident as well!

therefore i am now going to start on a little light mediaval slash comic. yes, just because it´s not what i should do (i.e. write thesis or hp or qaf or letters), that´s precisely what i will do. installment 1/5 of "anselm in distress":

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