March 21st, 2004


a few nights work to give you craig in a toga (and a rage)

when i came home from work a week ago, my internet just died on me. Collapse )

i felt like dying myself, it´s terrible how dependent we become on the net. i could only briefly go online at work, no reading, no posting. imagine my unbearable withdrawal-induced depression. i was completely at a loss what to do now! how can i survive without any mails or friendly posts or messages?! how can i live without google?! 8()

*strikes melodramatic pose* i feel totally cut off from the world.

milady22, i sent you so many sms, and you just tease me on your lj! spela, gaaaaah, all this after i set up our community! i hand-wrote my comments on a print-out and hope to mail soon. yellowsummer - help! where are you? what about monday? i disabled mail from groups as well, as my 4 mb is 101% full and i will not be able to access my account.

oh yeah. don´t ask me why --- i did pry open a few of the cable connections, but that was last night ;) --- but the blinking lights have suddenly steadied and the connection was on again!! i quickly used my chance to post craig as pollux from "helen of troy" here and at craigkelly. hope to be back ...

eta: this was supposed to let people know why i´ve been uncharacteristically quiet! ;)