March 10th, 2004


strange sounds and mysterious smells

twice with/due to my mother.
the first time i had to go on Collapse )

on the way to work i noticed a woman with very big, high, brightly coloured hair, high pointy boots, leather-jacket and too-tight patterned pants come out of a house. naturally, she asked me where to take the underground to xyz, and instead of just telling her and then trudging along in front or behind her, i told her i had the same way and would show her. so i heard the story of her life, naturally, which is fine and all, glad to help her get her citizenship, even though after 13 years here she does not know where the underground trains are ;) we got along fine.

but it still niggles that she supposed
i was a cleaning lady!

so i burned some plastic on the stove, as once again i had switched on the wrong hot plate ... and now, while writing this, i managed *drumroll* to burn water for the first time in my life! *bows* yes, yes, thank you, despite being a good cook (ask milady22 or mbf) i really burned water this time.</small>

and finally, gacked from millefiori:
battleground god

it´s really good, and i can say that because i did not take much care, just answered honestly, and i am very consistent (ethics? logic?) ... take that you wanna-be-deity! ;)

naturally, i was more interested in the underlying structure of the thing - game-theory, yellowsummer? or rather wittgenstein, methinks - and i found it was impossible to get through the battleground of the gods if you don´t klick "don´t know". so i´m a bit miffed. by their own logic, what they are postulating is wrong; they have a fixed result without any option by the very fact that you must equate science with religion, and if i had a less lethargic brain i could point it out logically.

fuuuuuuuuck, i was so happy about not having to go to work tomorrow that i forgot i would get a parcel in - uh - 5 hours or so. argh. need. to. sleep.
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sorry for spamming, colours are just so pretty!

when i´m honest:

[sirius + remus]

when i try to achieve something else:

[lupin + snape]

and when i really cheat to finally get it:

[harry + draco]

when i´m honest:
You're Hermione! You're smart, clever and full of ideas. You're always there to help your friends out of a tight spot using your logic and intellegence. You have an amazing work ethic - you'll stay up all night finishing a paper for class, and it'll be twice as long as it needs to be!

and i have to cheat and lie to (easily and obviously) become:

Draco Malfoy
You're Draco Malfoy! You enjoy being the centre of attention, and like to surrond yourself with people who have as high an opinion of you as you have of yourself. A little materialistic, a little sneaky (okay, a LOT sneaky), you look great in Slytherin green.

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz

*points* look, they even have the same posture! and aren´t the colours pretty! no, i have not imbibed illegal substances ...

eta: phew, not as good as mickfish´s "david touching men" result, but ok:
Which Mutant Enemy Personality Stereotype Are You?
Your Name
You DemonstrateDrew Goddard's appeal to fangirls

ooooooooooooh, i love this one i got with my real two first names:
Which Mutant Enemy Personality Stereotype Are You?
Your Name
You DemonstrateSteven DeKnight's belief that we all die. Alone. In the rain.
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spam, spam, wonderful spaaaaaaaam

gacked from flimsy, who propagates this meme:
"image-search your (lj) name in google and post the best/worst image in your lj".
i was surprised by the fitting (me) results for such a general word as "inbetween" in the very first page (no, i won´t look at all 3 billion results, and i also found heaps of dog pictures, i guess you can type anything and you will get puppy-results ...):

uncanny! also very fitting is this (didn´t know there was a Collapse ) by that name).

didn´t like my name-image there, but for people interested in photography or liking adrian brody, michael stipe and half-naked trashy women, check out these:

taken from discussions with friends

i´m thinking of getting a real shirt, not a t-shirt, and have ©"glad to be sad"© sown on the breast-pocket. losers wear buttoned shirts, right? and naturally, it´s something stuart says in one of his most loving moments to vince.

maybe someone can explain to me why (many) women think sunglasses are sexy? of course, stubble is bad enough, but stubble and greasy hair just grosses me out while fangirls *squeal* and *die*, but if you cannot even see their eyes?! what´s so sexy about not seeing their features?! either they are attractive and you want to see them, or you can just grab any bum on a street-corner whose mouth and cheeks are covered with facial hair and whose head hasn´t been washed in weeks. plus, hide his eyes. why? why? *rips out hair in frustration*

wohooo! absolutely honest result, didn´t think i´d be getting him:

Click to take the quiz!

You are Jackie Chan! you like to take risks. you live for the moment. you are a thrill-seeker. At heart, you're a really nice person; funny, charasmatic and full of energy. although sometimes your goofness gets you into trouble, your drunken boxing skills are fabulous! just bring a pot of rice wine with you.