March 9th, 2004


............. my mind is on the blink ..............

thanks again for the nice evening yellowsummer - also for being so considerate and coming to the tram-stop for/with me, das ist gar nicht so selbstverständlich! :) so, have you had any new thoughts on strawberries/chocolate yet? (see last entry)

stop being taller than me!
he´s a very clean old man.
we are all bald.

i had the line "there won´t be anybody else" (or was that "ain´t nobody else"?) sung most likely by paul in my ears all the way home, but just forgot it! the melody changed itself to "anything" by martina topley-bird. damn brain of mine. switches records of it´s own accord! pam, which song am i thinking of?!? to my great annoyance, none of the ones i want to listen to have survived the crash, i only got a handful left.

i have the beatles going wwooooooooooooooohooo in my head,
am once more pondering why i get seriously annoyed when my guys are married,
and have learned that alan rickman sleeps in the nude.

that should have woken up moorland and milady22 (ps: you´ve got mail).

dissident_dream, you licky lucky girl you! i read your friends lj, when will you get your signature? also, i have seriously been pondering the qaf-con. gale will be the most expensive icon, as you must have realized, but maybe he wants to promote something in europe? and better yet, what if aidan or craig want to hype something they are currently working on? and maybe they will get divorced ... did i mention i suffer from sleep deprivation? anyway, cambridge sounds good. better than london - it cannot be as expensive, right? have you already done a course on what legalise you need to fullfill to stage a con?

gratuitous post will be deleted asap but i need to vent

may i just say that i hate my life?

all night people with loud machines were scraping over gravel and concrete, which means it must have snowed. having gone to bed at 2 am, those sounds prevented any sleep, as usual.

i woke up with the feeling of total and utter dread (yes, i know, can be explained by very late supper - nightmares - anticipation of evil supervisor - but it is such a horrific, lingering feeling) and some inexplicable bruises on my wrist and leg. huh?

and now - while even more people with even louder machines and noxious fumes work above or below me, and i am puzzling what caused someone to defriend me overnight this time - i have to urgently draft three cables instead of the newsletter that supposedly was to be done today, urgently, because sheeee had not read or replied to my mails from last week, appearantly, and now huffs that my priorities are, as usual, wrong. as usual.

i. hate. my. life.