March 7th, 2004


every day is like sunday

You are a freeform writer. Individualistic with a sense for the different and challenging,[etc. etc.]
What's YOUR Writing Style?

ok, i just ate ice-cream with my fingers. that´s a first. why do i mention this? coz it reminded me of stuart going through the debris of vince´s birthday party. first the cake, and then ... what´s on the deleted scenes.

email buddy first argued and now ignores me. dissident_dream is seriously upsetting me with her tendency to tongue the men i love. and mbf threatened not to speak with me for a whole week if i don´t show her one page of my thesis at 6 pm tonight. uhm.

eta: we made up. the qaf-con sounds better than hampstead heath at night. i actually hope it will happen, but lack ... stamina? chuzpe?

eta: i don´t know how many comments i missed, but i know there were a few that i had not been notified of by e-mail, sorry if i never answered, i won´t have seen it.
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    cyprus hill ripping off the clash with "whats your number"