February 26th, 2004


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yeah. after calling the internet provider because the connection broke down every 15 min for 15 min, and hanging in there for 40min, they mumbled about "that is really too much" (downloads? *scared shitless*) and then changed my settings. and since then the computer is extremely slow and does not recognize mail settings. and of course the provider is not available now.

burnt some food again. wanted to post a yay in queerasfolkuk but don´t feel like it. sorry, cannot post or answer anything that requires more than two braincells at the moment. did post weird cartoon image of craigkelly yesterday. i think. and became member of every aidan and craig group on yahoo, why are they not joined. now there is too much to read i don´t read at all.

sorry, juliatheyounger, i just cannot give you adequate beta at the moment, hope to get back to you on the weekend, and that you are also better by then.

milady22, write to me, or moorland and i will go ahead as planned. yep, we are plotting revenge here.

stories about pancakes and nightmares, voices and alcohol, snow and driven ... tomorrow?
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