February 21st, 2004


men should shave

had a very nice evening with yellowsummer. cheap, too! ;)

but on the way home it got really scary for the first time since i´ve been staying in vienna. first a guy with a bandana got into the empty tram, flipping one of those knives, then talking on the phone in broken english and complaining about the drugs he got sold. agreed, he did not sound like someone to be taken seriously from that act, but those kind of guys are most likely to stick a knife into you out of the blue. and i´d seen enough blood for one day already.

and then, walking towards the block of flats, i could see a couple of guys shoving each other around drunkenly. i slowed down and hoped they would move on, but they were all starting to take a piss on the street (facing me). i noticde there were more than the three i originally saw, three more in a darkened entrance. and then, to top it all, one of them pulled out a key and opened the door to "my" house at the post-man´s lock. ok, i know to avoid eye-contact, but as i did not want to say anything and still needed to put a stop to this, i had to stare at him then. he went back to the others, but i had to get into the house knowing full well they could get in anytime.

so now i am sitting naked in front of the computer ... yes, yellowsummer, just for you! *roflmao*

ok, back on topic: cold mountain

i hate beards

jude law actually manages to have more stubble after renee shaved him than he had before. but the close-up of him in bed made me understand why he was never allowed to be clean-shaven: you would not be able to distinguish him from the girls otherwise!

no, seriously, i love him and think he looks manly, but with that longish hair and the round face and red lips, for a moment i wondered who the hairy lady was, i swear i did.

nicole´s face-lift

i used to be so angry and upset about those operations. the pressure exerted from hollywood, and the natural way international society - and worse, youth - took it on made me worry and rant. then i saw meg ryan at parky´s, and was simply flabberghasted. terry gilliam´s "brazil" had come true in a face i would not have expected it to. then steve martin. a comedian, for fuck´s sake!

so when i saw nicole kidman in an interview last night, i nearly vowed never to see another film with her again, so shocked was i about her lift. that odd "new" face, the usual pull-up of eyes and eyebrows, the stiffness, the alien look.

but now, having seen her in the film, having gotten used to her eyes looking like her co-star renee´s, i am only sad. profoundly sad. i had just started to like her (again), and even though her extreme thinness seemed the only thing necessary to make her a beauty in the eyes of the masses, she did have a genuine unusual beauty. which is gone.

forever. you cannot operate it back. face-muscles are extremely sensitive. we cannot measure it, but our brains do recognize miniscule changes. and the change here is awful. we will get used to it. i did. in the winter scenes, in the men´s clothes, she was nearly beautiful, she was. but a huge part of her is lost forever (read jonathan cole´s "about face" on psychological impacts of seemingly "superficial" changes like that, if you don´t believe me).

"cold mountain" seemed much longer than lotr, though it was shorter.


i should not have been surprised, though. why the hell did i think jude would make a movie in which he does not die?! stupid me. i bet it´s in his contract: "must be made as ugly as possible in make-up, and must die in the end". once his character had sex, that was it. boom, doomed. obvious.

charlie hunnam was in it! in an exaggerated extended version of his nathan, it seemed to me. he was not only a bastard or little shit, he was monstrous. but in true pretty-boy fashion, he also got to wear an ugly make-up.

apart from more famous co-stars, hugh laurie and ray winston also were monstrous bastards in beards. nice to see anthony still hires so many brits. still, not a spectacular or even humane or anything piece of work.

why the hell did he make such a film anyway? it´s a reworking of "the english patient" in different colours, yellow/red desert replaced by quicksilver-liquid?! it´s even the same actors! i guess the book is to blame for the stupid story, but i was expecting a version of the odyssee, wasn´t that it? "oh brother, were are you" was much better, no, it was brilliant (not only in that respect).


i hope lots of white people will get lots of children soon. only then will we see the end of the sickening "procreate" messages ending every single movie these days.

i acknowledge i have been brainwashed from childhood, i fell into the trap and still entrench myself even deeper in it (see the whole slash-background). but having a child (ada) and living with some other people, i.e. another women-friend is not a happy ending if the person you really love (inman) is gone forever. it is awful.

eta: i am talking about "looking for the love of your life".

i like movies that extend the nuclear family, but having the man she loved wiped out/ripped out of her life forever did not seem like a feminist statement in "cold mountain". learning how to farm did not seem liberating, as it is intellectually. i looked into that well with a mirror, just as ada/nicole did, and i only saw endless blackness, emptíness, a joyless future of survivors, not a sunny day with fluffy clouds. he´s dead and you only had about 2 hours in all.

then again, if people start critisizing "cold mountain", i will probably find good things to say in its defence. ;)
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cold mountain continued

eta: as commented in yellowsummers journal (who also quoted the theme of "they make the weather and then complain about the rain", i.e. "cold mountain" is supposed to be about women´s suffering in men´s war), there was no chemistry between jude and nicole, even though the one kiss was ok (and i think i saw her pubic hair, which is not possible - not because minghella wouldn´t show it, but because i doubt that she doesn´t shave it off. where was i?

ah, yes: there was chemistry between renee and jude in their very very brief scenes. weird. wondering why and if there might be method behind this ...

and just to state the obvious (and as commented to padawan_aisling: it´s a war movie (see quote above). lots of slaughter and cruelty. don´t watch it just for jude, i´d say.

etateta: awful english. awful accents. yuck. most of them were brits, but even the yanks had to learn this southern accent, and it is not nice, sorry, just offends the ears. and i did not understand what renee actually said to jude, hence the mystery. *g*
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utterly embarrassing test result. only posted because i am honest to a fault, or a crazy masochist as some will have it:

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so who wants to be my spock? ... naaaaaaaaah, geroff me, shooooo!

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ah, silly me! it´s either funny or depressed! this result covers every eventuality. actually, that´s - unintentionally? - not so dumb. most comedians are depressive ...
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angel so5ep13

yellowsummer, you need to tell me again why you thought this eppy was brilliant. ok, granted, it started off so straight (not to say boring) that it had to have a twist to it, but once it became clear what that twist was, the surprise was already gone. the story was yet again a reworking, this time of the one with the love-struck blonde vampire from season 3 mixed with the usual baaaad history of the vamps, incl. illogical spike-backstory (him as nazi and in a submarine has been written about in a few novels, at least one of them by christopher golden).

it wasn´t even by fury, it really was the dream-team goddard/deknight. and there were some little gems sparkling, some one-liners, some resonance (i know you loved the bottom-of-the-ocean reference). but i am sick of american reworkings of history, and i find the one-off-period-pieces in series no longer exciting (the last good one was ferenghis at the nasa headquarter in the 1960´s *g*).

"never go to a virgin blood-letting party" - "i´ll menace, you talk" - finally james gets another hair cut/colour, and then it looks like the worst toupet! ack. the only surprise was that dru was not there, don´t you think?

we are agreed, there is no subtext anymore. as they would say in "coupling", captain subtext has jumped ship. it´s all there, from the nosferatu-and/or-grrrrargh-man-parody to "nostrojev" having sex with rasputing, from the pretty guest star´s neck and blood sucking (yum) to the eternal question why angel never kills spike (coz he luuuurves him, yeah)...

eta: i still keep making screenshots. i no longer fancy james, but the stills capture fragments of expressions that tell a story of angel in love with lawson or jealous of spike ... subliminal no more.

even though the ending sucked (they could have made lawson eve´s replacement, methinks. for a change! a change in the sired vamp´s fate as well as in the maker´s rule of having those women as conduits, i mean), i was wired and nervous and could not watch it in one go. the series should go on. it deserves many chances.
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