February 16th, 2004


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nuff said.

no messages from the two people i needed to hear from, come on guys!
nice discussions on my new favourite community.
only oil for dinner, yuck.
need some ice-cream to get rid of that taste.

listened to the second part of "helen of troy", in which pollux does not appear at all, what a waste!
need to start a craig kelly community, says the libra in me.

angel s05ep12

i ♥ cordy
i ♥ cordy with spike and angel and harmony

but sadly i cannot like the new lindsay anymore

i never would have expected the ending of angel to be as sad as buffy, but they are heading there. they are picking up all the pieces and scoring on the self-critical-side again.
from harmony as inquisitor to unclean demon urine to the tiny texan. i even forgive them for making spike an idiot again, since i can see they have too many "brainy" people in the team as it is.
i was going to grumble about the ending of this episode, but they chose the horrid and hard way, so at least the farewell is not too unconvincing.

life sucks.
but then, so do vampyres.
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