February 10th, 2004


anna´s further adventures in wieden

*spooky voice*i am channeling milady22 here!

another busy day in vienna. luckily it was cold but not windy or raining, bright sunshine. had another look at rupertskirche, but it was still closed (_inbetween_ assures me that only unremarkable plain benches are inside anyway). went to votivkirche, then sat down to read "if you are prepared" for an hour, like the loon i am (i mean, i come to vienna for a short time, i have read it and can re-read it any time, but instead of walking around i sit on a bench and read this fic).

took a senior citizens bus to the former imperial castle to get "bent" with _inbetween_ (who inscribed at uni again just to get it!!). was surprised by unnaturally friendly university staff. then we took about 50 more pictures of naked men in michaelerkirche and went inside a bank and some private houses (irene cringed when the owner´s came in and saw me take photos of their lift). i don´t know why i did not want to go into any of the places i was actually supposed and allowed to visit, like the coffee houses.

i also managed to do what i couldn´t in oslo - desecrate statues of male nudes! i tricked irene into doing it first, but then again, it was her idea, so it´s her own fault! anyway, we filmed ourselves doing the one-two-three finger-bum thing, only she could not count to three and resorted to her fist. when i did the same, a young men passed by and got a really strange look on his face (irene thinks he might have gotten an idea there! ;))

we took too much food at the restaurant but after much harrassing by my companion, i asked the waiter for a doggy bag and got a plastic container, so it wasn´t such a waste - expensive vienna. still, today i did not manage to eat my quota of 5 topfenkolatschen! had lots of other sweet stuff, though. as i am still young, my teeth are fine.

at the art history museum, on dutifully visiting the egyptian rooms as told by my owner, i was ecstatic to find a mummy with an erect penis (will post the picture once i am home). i am very puzzled about one painting of the circumcision of christ though, as the baby had an enormous black member. _inbetween_ thinks my one track mind gives me hallucinations ... does anybody know this particular painting?

*spooky voice* as she is too tired/lazy/deep into hp to write anything herself
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