February 1st, 2004


angel s05 e09

poor harm. really, that poor, silly, little girl. harmonita, harmonica, a vampire that´s pretty in pink and in need of a hug.

((+)) good idea. great to get another p.o.v. again. the "q-effect" always works, even if/because the heroes/stars are shown in a negative, uncaring light. nice touches (lifting dresser, chopstick fight, the cupboard scene). opportunity for mercedes, the proverbial bright spark at the moment.

((-)) they should have had another writer or director or producer. i don´t want to think it, but three girls responsible, maybe they took the pink seriously? there were so many small and completely unnecessary flaws, glitches, jarring moments (the baddies explanation, the obviousness due to bad timing). and awful stunt matches. and it was a remake of anya´s story.

sad ending, like anya´s, so harm´s future is once more confirmed. and unsatisfactorily flippant spike treatment. i felt like i had missed a whole episode somewhere.
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angel s05 e10

in the beginning:
finally! the following excerpt compensates for a lot. of course they needed someone like spike to come along - after 7 years of the same - and finally say what´s fact:

archetypal grateful piece of female meat: “thank you, thank you, that thing was gonna kill me!”
archetypal spike: “well, what do you expect.” dumb look from her.
spike. “out alone in this neighbourhood? I got half a mind to kill you myself, you half-wit!”
completely flustered female: “what?!”
spike: “I mean, honestly, what kind of retard wears heels like that in a dark alley? take two steps and break your bloody ankle.”
outraged rightousness: “I was just trying to get home.”
spike: “well, get a cab, you moron! and on the way,” waves her off towards street and shouts after her indignantly stalking form: “if a stranger offers you candy, don´t get in the van!”

in the end:
the above scene is a poorer version of the most hilarious "poncy-hair-gel ... of to my angelmobile" scene a few years ago.

it´s good of david to still like spike, despite the threat to him - which just proves how little of a threat james is. this episode only has good spike moments (first time a stunt clearly shows it´s james doing the slo-mo-kung-fu).

but it´s going exactly where most people expected, the old gang turning into the threatening suits, spike (while firmly the underdog and ridiculed in this role) a foil of a hero opposite them.

great ideas, but absolutely no direction, no arch, no underlying threat. no surprises. they are giving away their best jokes! the timing is awwwful! the show is lackluster, as hollow as angel´s torso in the too-long-and-sadly-unfunny dream. those (still!!) dissing marti should admit that she never let buffy slide the way angel is being let slide down the drain now. hollow repetitions. going through the motions. hope the firefly movie is worth it.
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