January 25th, 2004


oh fuuuuuuuck!.......................please?

did i forget to mention that qaf is absolutely drop dead funny?
and heartwrenching?
hilarious and heartwrenching.

and it physically hurts that vince did not really get his man, to my hopelessly sappy mind. maybe he did not want to anymore (but wouldn´t that be a cowardly cop-out as stated by him at the end of season 1?). maybe the similarity to a het rom com (instead of "thelma & luise" ;P) would have been too great in that case. but i never wanted to see any couple together and intimate as badly as them, and am left ... gad, only corny phrases come to mind: with empty hands, and un-satisfied.

aaaaaargh. it hurts you bass-tuds! why couldn´t you get on with it! just once!

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the changing rooms team was at our old house, and the blond (?) irish woman (who was older than i thought and not afraid to say so) was really friendly with me. i was freaking out about some undone work and the lack of light. they were not filming me or doing anything with me. but linda(?) kept coming to chat with me. and then we shared our memories of horrid experiences with being locked in a house on fire, when the flames are closing in on all sides.

later there was this woman, a mother, and she might have had a second/twin baby somewhere, but the one i saw her with had no limbs and was just a small head on a tiny body, and she kept the freak (yep, the movie, but also the only term stuart did not accept) in a bare cellar room and just put a cup of gruel in front of it and did not even feed it but tell it to hop over and put it´s head in. there were other people, maybe a camera team as well. and the limbless creature managed to move towards the food. i could not watch it, it was unimaginably horrid how she forced it to basically fall over into the broth and get it all in before suffocating. and then i was involved as well and the clever, evil woman took money off me - but in the end the baby managed to use it´s defects and grab it from her and with just the woman seeing it the "freak" put the money down the back of the maid´s (or my) blouse and grin at the bad mum and mockingly mouth babytalk to her as it was carried away ...

all in all, i would have prefered some other bbc-series to visit me.
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