January 24th, 2004


britannia rules

i must be the only fan that had to actually force herself to sit down and fiiinally watch the original "queer as folk" episodes. and they are brilliant. exactly what they should be. yes, there is not enough of them. yes, i sure do understand the urge to stick with those characters, to have stuart, vince, nathan and hazel around for longer ... but the american version simply does not have the same heart.

they took a rolling-pin to the original. they flattened "qaf" and baked it and painted it with bright sugar-based colours. colors, to be precise. to make it palatable for the large, trendy audience. schumaker did gay-up batman and robin on the big screen, but that´s taking-owls-to-athens and not a qualification. the manchester version might be smaller, and maybe a little paler (less camp?) in comparison, but it´s got all those lovely crags in it, in which depth´s riches lie.

i did get the us version, of course. it is easier to get than the original, which is very expensive and basically not downloadable. and gale harold is simply a ... magnet, and although absolutely different to aidan he is also a perfect chickenhawk (i can´t see the americans accepting slender curly stuart as that sex-magnet anyway). but justin is so awful, i can´t stand looking at him. while the brits are all perfect in their roles. there is no wrong note. the smallest role is completely developed. less lipstick-lesbianism as well, but very sympathetic, detailed portrayal of the women around our heroes. more human. the way no-one is completely good or bad. they do justice to every character. and they tell the real story -
the greatest ♥ story never told.

i was so dead beat yesterday, wanted to go to bed as early as possible, just dragged it out a bit so as not to fall into bed at 6 p.m. already - and i ended up by watching the whole series, kept telling myself "aw, keep those eyes peeled, just one more episode before sleep", yeah, suuuure ... i did not even get anything to eat, zero snackage! and then it was 2 a.m. again and my excited brain refused my beaten body the much needed recuperation again. in the following half-waking hours i remembered another series that was later changed away from the original couple it was about, but in sunlight all is forgotten. i might even have met vince in my dreams, damn it!

only puzzlement: once nathan stopped being a stupid prick (aka a teenage boy?), he said he would wait for stuart for years if he had to but then brought k-9 to vince, which can only mean he thinks once he gets those two together it´d be over soon ... and reviews say season 2 (or rather, the one episode making up that final season) ends in surreal kitsch ...

i even like the music, it is so much better, from the original soundtrack to some british pop/disco numbers that i previously did not think much about but work perfectly here. while the popular remake starts out where the original´s first season ends.

there was less sex and grit than expected. or maybe not. no ん but lots of hhhhhhhhhhhm. the producers joke themselves that they might have spread it out a bit instead of putting it all in the first episode. it was just presented in a less dramatic and more thoughtful way, the drugs and the danger and that the boy is only fifteen. and what sex there was induced a different form of arousal from that caused by brian´s very hot scenes; if there was (supposed to be) no chemistry, the viewer felt it, and the scene was (intentionally) either awkward or funny. but when the need was unbearable and two guys just had to jump each other, the emotional and physical impact sizzled directly into my gut. electrified. palpable fire.

"oh. my. god."

"it´s my friend. it´s his mother. she´s in hospital. it´s really serious. i think i have to go."
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