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Watcher in the Woods

Straightening from where he had bent to tie his shoe, Pierce Fortitude looked toward the rustling bushes with unease. Looking back at Hogwarts he gave a nervous laugh and shrugged his feelings of foreboding off. I'm not a student anymore. The real monsters have long since gone, as long as I stay out of the forest nothing will bother me. His pace still hurried, he regretted the decision to take a short cut back into Hogsmeade as a shadow fell in front of his path.

Not bothering to stop to discern friend or foe he broke into a run, screaming as he felt himself being grabbed from behind. Pierce let out a cry as he hit the ground, feeling puncture wounds begin to bleed. Turning his head he looked up to meet the eyes of his attacker and immediately his face drained of color. "It can't be. You're-" Pierce's exclamation, cut off by a low laugh, soon became choked pleas for mercy and cries of pain. The last thing he knew was his mauled body being dragged deep into the woods, closing his eyes for the final time while looking up at a terrifying silhouette.


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This is a character journal for __lightning__