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i was accepted to cornell college, without even knowing it.

im a little tipsy, my mom and i both had some liquor.

i so excited

i feel.... useful.
1. Do you believe an incident similar to 9/11 can happen again? Why or why not?
Of course something like 9/11 could happen again, especially if our security is not strict enough. I think our enemies are smarter than we give them credit for – they know that eventually we will forget 9/11, and our stringent security will slowly diminish. They just have to give us all time to forget that tragic event that took 2,974 lives and left countless mentally and physically wounded. Security has already begun to fade out; just give it time. As scary as it sounds, our main concern is to protect ourselves until the war is over.

2. How do you feel about the troop’s occupation of Iraq?

Everyone in my family is or was in the service. My mom was in the Marine Corp., my grandfather and father were both in the navy, two uncles that were in the army (one recently retired as a __________), and at this very moment I have two cousins in Iraq – one as an army officer, the other is in the air force. I suppose you could say it runs in our family. Relating to the actual troops, of course I support their valor to die for their loved ones, not to mention the millions of people that are against the war. We really do owe them our freedom, and they deserve some respect.
As for the “war,” I’m not totally for it. At first, I thought we may find nuclear weapons. When we didn’t I thought, “Well, maybe we can actually help the Iraqi people.” Six years later, it’s obvious they don’t really want our help. There may be a select few who do, and for them, I am sorry.
I have heard enough stories of women being beaten in the streets, being stoned to death, ritual executions, and the like. It’s awful, but it’s also their way of life. As much as I may not agree with it, it seems to have become obvious that the Iraqis don’t want our help.

3. Based on information you already know, what do you believe will happen if our troops are pulled out of Iraq?

Honestly, I have no idea. I imagine that Muslim radicals will probably have a few minor attacks planned and will execute those plans against the American people once they feel we have “given up.” Who knows what will happen? I guess it’s on everyone’s mind, but no one knows what to do.

4. Do you support President Bush’s actions in dealing with Iraq? Why or why not?

Before I give my personal opinion, I must point something out. Many people trash-talk the war, but what would you have done in Bush’s situation? Sure, six years later we can think of something, but as a president he must act quickly and decisively. Billions of lives are in his hands.
Now for a shocker: I don’t support the war. Are you surprised? I simply feel that before we all belittle the war, we must put ourselves in his place. Do you have a better solution to our country’s problems?
I did support the war, but let me clarify; I support his first decision of occupying Iraq in the first place. I do not agree with his decisions relating to the war since then. In part, I do support the occupation, but for the most part, I do not.
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I don't know why I'm going to post this, because when people do I think it's annoying. But, I don't really care at this point and time because last night was fun... I really like drinking with my mom. Oh my goodness.... I was very tipsy and/or drunk.

So, I was dancing a lot and this guy was dancing with me. Yeah, okay. He looked like he was maybe 25 and all the young adults there ranged in age from 19-30. He grabbed me and my mom saw... she about had a stroke. COme to find out that he's like 43 but looks young because he's short and has little glasses. He's actually a graduate of Princeton... and he's black. I really like black guys, actually.

I met a bunch of young adults that were young enough to give good advice pertaining to this era, but old enough to speak from real experience. They all thought I was beautiful (especially Vanessa). No, they thought I was pretty before we were all drunk. THANKS. Um, we're gonna hang out again soon. Her boyfriend is sooo sweet. He's actually a white Jamaican with some black in him somewhere... Oh wow, he's very attractive. We were dancing as well. Then there was Jen, who was tipsy even when I got there, but was so sweet and wants me to meet her very hot 19-year old brother who actually has a facebook. He doesn't have a girlfriend, and she says he likes girls like me: headstrong, confident, and gorgeous. :D:D:D SHE SAID THAT, not ME! Hmm... There was also Castor, who looks like a much more attractive and much younger Kramer (from Seinfeld): Y'know, tall, thin, big adam's apple, dark hair, little eyes. Yep. We talked about races and the mixes of races for a while. It was very interesting - he's very smart. There was David, who moved to England a while back. HE WORKS AT ENGLAND'S MOST FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHY MUSEUM - - the museum represents Penn and Horst for all of the UK. We are going to correspond and he'll send me portfolio information 2 months BEFORE the rest of the world knows, because that's when HE finds out. He wants me to travel and keep in touch because those connections are very important. He is.... 25, and SO CUTE... very, very cute.... too bad he's gay!! D: DDDD: Sucks sooo bad. There were some other people.

On the way home I was SLOSHED... I remember my mom asking me questions like "whats 4x6x5?" and me struggling to answer. I remember laughing and getting home.... taking off all my clothes and sleeping in the nude because I didn't want to look for clothes. I had to pee, but couldn't. I also wrote in my diary... trying to decipher that was interesting. Hahahaha!

So all in all, last night was fun. I burned a million calories from dancing and I made friends I will never forget... I know we'll chill sometime in the future.

Man, I LOVE older guys. :D Guys my age......, well, no offense, they suck sometimes.
man, this sucks.

im bummed.

shhhhh, did you know i really hate myself?


Out of 120 pics, I picked 40-something to sum the day up.


PS: If you want any other pics, tell me. I'd be more than willing to give them... Also, if you want a larger copy, I can do that, too.

































I don't nkow why I covet other people's romantic relationships so much. Highschool is a fantasy world, and adulthood/the real world are competely different from highschool. People change. Friends change. In fact, most people don't keep in touch with their so called "best friends" from highschool. People move apart. As sad as it is, it's completely true. Men mature, their interestst in women change. They don't just want that "tan skinny-mini that looks-like-everyone-else"; they want someone different, unique. That's where I come in.

I don't need a man to make me happy!
I will have more confidence, because confidence is a beautiful thing. :D
Even a girl who isn't model material has the power to attract men.

:D lmao.

two words:


NEVER eat the school's "taco in a bag," I feel like shit.


Yeah, I'm here in Virginia for my cousin's (Britt) wedding. I'm a bridesmaid! Anyway, the rehearsal dinner is tonight and I'm getting ready to leave. Tomorrow is the real thing... Finally, it'll be over. I'm so flippin' tired of my cousin emailing me 4 times a week asking about every little thing pertaining to the wedding and micromanaging my mom and me from VIRGINIA! So annoying; it's been going on for 6 months. :\

Photography club is great.
Great great great.
I love being President, I feel so amazingly proud. Maybe she picked me (in part) because she sees some talent? I hope so, 'cause I really desperately need to know (or be told) I'm good at the thing I love most: photography. It completed and completes me. I really hope I can make a living off of it when I'm an adult. That shjouldn't really be a problem, though, because EVERYWHERE in today's culture there are photos: advertising, in magazines, books, army (spy), and so much more. There's a world of opportunities!

Love you all,
Be back Sunday night.





What should the first THEME be?



Yes, today was the FIRST photography club meeting! I had to stand on a chair to speak to the 30-50 some-odd people that were there. A bunch of people just signed in but couldn't stay. When I walked into Ms. Brock's room, I was sooo shocked. I never expected so many people to come! Jasmine assured me that I spoke well, wasn't awkward, and did a great job, and also that she was really proud of me. Then how come I felt so awkward and could feel my cheeks turn hot? Haha, not ONLY am I prone to blushing, but it was SO HOT in that room!! :/ The meeting went well.

Today Sarah and I were in the bathroom and there was a cockroach in the handicapped stall. I thought it was dead (due to me blowing air on it and not moving), so I went to move it over with my foot and the thing scurried after Sarah. I shrieked out of habit, and did not use the restroom. We walked into Ms. Adam's room cracking up, looking like idiots.

After school Jasmine came home with me. We never really went home, but went to David's Bridal and got my dress. While running into David's (it was pouring), thunder clapped RIGHT ABOVE US. My heart jumped and I screamed and covered my head. It was so weird, I didn't even know I was the one screaming until it stopped... and I realized I scream easily. Hahaha. Jasmine saw me in a corset... It was a fun few hours. We all talked and went to Taco Bell. Then we brought her back to school so she could catch the late bus.

Who wants to go to the beach this weekend for a photoshoot?

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