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...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2010|05:19 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
[Current Location |perpetual winter]
[Current Music |robyn hitchcock]

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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2009|06:42 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...

Cuddling a cup of green tea and some vitamin C to ward off the myriad illnesses that have taken over half the population.
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2009|04:33 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
Whoa I feel so crazy right now. Have to write this paper by midnight... but then again
a) it's pass/fail and if you fail you just have to revise it, plus
b) I may not stay for spring so who cares? haha

This is not very conducive to good paper-writing.

But it's about nationalism in education in the former Yugoslavia, so it IS really interesting! :D Even if the paper's crap because I tossed it out in 24 hours, I really enjoyed the reading and that's more important to me anyway. Hmmm And tomorrow I'm free! Kind of...

The more I think that I might go home for good at Christmas, the more excited I get. And the more guilty I feel. Can't I just skip to the thesis now? But the spring semester is just 6 months of shit. Living abroad is like an ultramarathon. Grad school is, too.

waaaaaait a minute... Our spring semester we have 8 weeks to write a term paper. good lord. well geez then i could probably just go home for March and April. Heyyyyyy, problem solved? The flight home would cost less than rent alone here, not to mention food costs etc., then I could probably stay at the parents' for free and would have distractions from the fact that this program is boring!
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2009|11:45 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
[Current Music |skip spence]

Got the replacement phone working.

Lessons learned:
1) Nokia5610 does NOT automatically back up the contact list on the memory card.
2) But, it's friggen easy to do (can save TEXTS too!)and I'm an idiot for not exploring this earlier.

Oh well. I was just upset about losing all my saved texts from hilarious drunk nights and all that kind of stuff... I'm nostalgic by nature, and having those little pieces of home always on hand while living in Oslo was so nice

Perhaps a sign from the universe that I need to learn to let go?
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2008|12:36 am]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
you just can't make this shit up
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2008|03:35 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
i'm going crazy.

it is SO NOT SUMMER HERE. The temp has a few times crept up to 80* but otherwise it's low 70's. It rains. Not dramatic, warm, summer thunderstorm rain but sad, cold, London rain.

I've never been so lethargic in the summer It's not terrible weather but when it's month after month with no hot, tropical weather....

I didn't even realize it until a few days ago, when I had a talk with another girl from South Dakota. But we've both been kind of waiting for summer, because it feels just like spring. It was a horrible realization: nothing better is coming, this is it and it's already half over. Almost kind of regret my decision to stay all summer, but I will have to make more money before I go home.
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god bless those certain few who make me feel normal... [Mar. 25th, 2007|06:00 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
Wisconsin man who had sex with deer, given probation

A 20-year-old Superior man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer.

The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minn.

"The state believes that particular place is the best to provide treatment for the individual," Assistant District Attorney Jim Boughner said.

Hathaway's probation will be served at the same time as a nine-month jail sentence he received in February for violating his extended supervision.

He was found guilty in April 2005 of felony mistreatment of an animal after he killed a horse with the intention of having sex with it. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of extended supervision on that charge as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner's consent.

Hathaway pleaded no contest earlier this month to misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal for the incident involving the deer. He was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court.

"The type of behavior is disturbing," Judge Michael Lucci said. "It's disturbing to the public. It's disturbing to the court."
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2007|10:18 am]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
and people wonder why i have no faith in humanity...
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covet covet covet covet covet [Feb. 27th, 2007|07:43 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
[Current Music |cyhsy]

say what you want about Arcade Fire, I think Clap Your Hands takes the prize. I kind of regret flaking out on that show.

Man, it's hard being in photo now. I'ts winter, so it's cold and there's about 6 hrs of natural light every day, plus it's cold and I'm damn busy. And i've been sleeping about 12 hrs a day but that's another matter. anyway. I need a new camera.

Shopping list:
work shoes
les paul studio

now i just need money...

I'm kind of surprised at how many really rich people we get thru Jimmy's. Flip Saunders, the vikings, Joe Senser, that chinese restaurant chain guy, Wittner, and then all the random anonymous rich people. You'd think with all that dough they could tip me. hmm. It's always interesting to find out who's a jackass.

And then there are the ones who expect you to save them some certain table, and put some certain tablecloth down and light a candle on the damn thing and carry them around on a litter or something... yet they don't understand you'd probably be willing to do this if they'd give you a few bucks for your trouble.

My owner is friends with the guy who owns the Fine Line. I need a hookup. Now.

I am so amazingly poor! I think I'm going to Norway for fall semester.
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2006|09:37 pm]
...i'm not living...i'm just killing time...
oh christmas... such a conundrum..

1 kh show
3 months phone bill paid
5 days of work
8 useful utensils
108 holiday cookies


but then again, baby did get her first pair of $300 shoes... i'm such a brat.

ohhhh and btw the boy and i will likely be moving into a new place very soon. cool little place in a house from 1871 or something. awesome, anyway. marble fireplace, bay window, ghosts no doubt. i'm excited.

i love my major. and hate it all at the same time. not sure at all what i'll do after next year but moving to cali is a strong possibility. the boy could probably get hired easily. me, i'll drift... get back into a record label somehow ;)
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