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Deepest secrets forged in blood

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Jul. 15th, 2004 @ 10:12 pm
No comments? Might as well not post anymore... I'm leaving so...goodbye to whoever is reading this, which may be no one. Sad.

Jul. 7th, 2004 @ 10:34 pm
Anybody want to be my friend?

Man I came off as a slut... what with the picture and all...SLUT!
Current Mood: flirtyflirty

Jul. 3rd, 2004 @ 11:16 pm
Does anybody know what the price range for a custom guitar is? And if you aren't a canadian, can you convert the price to canadian? Thanks a lot...
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: FOB - Nobody Put Baby In The Corner

Jul. 1st, 2004 @ 07:01 pm

Fuck yeah! Jun. 24th, 2004 @ 06:36 pm
YAY! I GRADUATED TODAY! WOOOOOO I MADE IT! FINALLY!!! WOW!!! I'M TALKING LIKE A WEIRDO!!!!!WEEEE!!!!!! You know, when you think about it, I still can't believe I graduated, I'm so un-fazed by it...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: MMVA
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» (No Subject)
To anyone who wears make up, does anyone know good colour combinations? I'm starting to wear make up now, and I'm starting with gray and pink and I'm going to buy more, so...any help?
Also, I was reading a forum, and it was taking about why girls like guitarists? I am a guitarist myself, but I don't know it this is true, although I do like guitarists...and bassists...drummers, pianist...and so forth.
» (No Subject)
Weeee! I need more friends! Are you up for the challenge? *points directly to the screen through yours*
Oh yeah, did anyone see the Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit Video? I thought it was okay, I didn't get the concept of the anime stuff, but I loved the performance part. It looks so real!
» (No Subject)
Does anyone like Dish clothing? There was a sale yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Burnaby. I working there tomorrow as a bagger. I got these pants, and they're magenta! The t-shirt and pants are awesome! Check it out if you live near Vancouver, Burnaby, etc.
» (No Subject)
Today's a sad day, it's the last day for my guitar lessons from Randy, my guitar teacher. I'm getting a new one, it's a guy too. I'm concerned about how he teaches though... Even though Randy was my only teacher, I think he teaches better than most people. *sigh* He's going back to Hong Kong to 'pursue' his dreams. I think I've broken my leg. I learned that drop d tuning is one rocking, crazy motherfucker. Peace out homies!
» (No Subject)
Hey, a quick question, does anyone know anything about the quote, "I am become death, destroyer of worlds". I am very fascinated by that. I think it's by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. FYI, I found it on the Billy Talent video, River Below. Awesome song, awesome video, awesome blah blah blah!
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