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Musings of a geek

18 November
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A recent Maths/CS graduate from Bristol University who has recently starting working in london. And to sate any curiousity you might have I am a 22 year old male geek.

I'm also known as "that meme guy" (due to my many memes I have created some of which are on http://memeland.org which I run) and am now often introduced as such when I meet new people in real life who use lj :P

My main interests are computery and scifi stuff, but extended interests include history, linguistics, board games, and just about everything else. See my interests list below for a fuller list.

If anyone wants to friend me, please do. Most of the readers of my lj have either met me or we share mutual friends so I tend to write things that might interest them (not true anymore). But everyone is welcome to read/comment.

If you want me to friend you back please leave a comment introducing yourself.

If I say something which offends you, then please don't take it personally it was almost certainly unintentional (and let me know so I don't do it again); I can be a bit blunt at time :-(

But I like to think that I'm nice whenever I can be, and I hope you agree :-)

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