_imran_ (_imran_) wrote,

long time no update

urggh just noticed it's been over two weeks since last update, too quickly sum up the last two week memeland kind-of broke the server it was on and I was ill with food poisoning. Luckily memeland is now back up having moved to a host with load-balancing capabilities and I'm fully recovered :-)

Now back to current affair (nothing exciting having happened recently...) today was obviously a good day for meeting interesting people I met a scifi geek called kat, who wants to be the next pratchett, for lunch and this evening I went out for drinks with genie22 and mcskwared who proved to be enjoyable company (wooo - two more people on my friends list are now in the "met" columm even if it did take three months to get around to it).

Now back at the flat watching Amelie on DVD and writing this lj entry.

heh just found an amusing but embarrasing conversation I had with mcskwared on another website, glad neither of us remembered it :P
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