_imran_ (_imran_) wrote,

you're cool because

Not much done this weekend, I wanted to go watch a movie but couldn't find anyone who wanted to see any of the movies I wanted to see, hence just went shopping instead. Which is always a bad idea in london this close to christmas, but still got a lovely warm fleece.

Also went down to camden market which is very cool, lots of alternative type stuff there, well worth going to if you have been before.

And now for some of the "you're coool because..."

ilyanep - you're cool because your as smart as hell, when I was thirteen I was probably the smartest guy in my year at school. And I know you're a lot smarter than I was.

ladyortyger - hmm given that you've just cut me should I answer....yeah you're still cool, not least because you're geeky, cute and funny.

chibikawaii - you're cool simply because you are, you're journal is always worth reading (well at least in english - I assume the Norwegian entries are worth reading too ;-) even when things are going badly for you, you still come across as a lovely person.

squiggydaspcdog - you're a liberal in texas and that alon makes you cool. It's always enjoyable to chat to you on aim ;). There are lots other reasons you're cool too, which I'll no doubt remember

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