busy saturday lazy sunday

First time I've managed to have a productive saturday for weeks, I managed to wake up at a reasonable time and tidied up my room so it no longer looks like a complete tip.

This was then followed by going down to south kensington to have lunch and show a friend (Kat) around the natural history museum/science museum which was rather enjoyablle but had to be cut short, as I had to meet my brother at 6 to go and see House of Flying Daggers at the UGC haymarket which was followed by dinner at Mr. Jerk (the original plan was Busabi but the queue was massssssive).

House of the Flying Daggers turned out to be an ok movie with some nice choreography but in my opinion it wasn't as good as some of the reviews had made out. It was the first time I've been to a cinema which has screen underground, which seemed rather unusual especially as the staircase made it look like we were entering into the bowels of the earth. I suppose it has the advantage that no-one can get a mobile signal, and thus no mobile related annoyances during the movie.

Mr Jerk was a reasonably good resturaunt although the staff seemed slightly incompetent, in that they bought us extra food we didn't order, but on the other hand they didn't charge us for it either, so I'm not going to complain :P

And at least unlike lunch (which was had at the Blue Reef @ Science museum) we didn't find ourselves suddenly surrounded by a horde of children that appeared from seemingly nowhere :-)

On the way back from Mr Jerk we got kinda lost in soho and ended up in one of the many indy coffee shops in the area and spent some time people-watching which was surprisingly entertaining. While trying to find our way back to a tube station we somewhow found ourselves in Borders on Charing Cross road, which turned out to have suprisingly good collection of current affair magazines, and also had a signed copy of Simon Singh's Big Bang on sale which I purchased. We did eventually find ourselves a tube station (TCR) even though it wasn't the one we were aiming for.

And that about sums up Saturday. Sunday was a do very little day, but I did go and find the local library , signup and borrow a load of pratchett books I haven't read, so at least I've got some reading material to keep me busy over the next few weeks.

Back to work tommorow though, the weekend just seems too short these days :P

long time no update

urggh just noticed it's been over two weeks since last update, too quickly sum up the last two week memeland kind-of broke the server it was on and I was ill with food poisoning. Luckily memeland is now back up having moved to a host with load-balancing capabilities and I'm fully recovered :-)

Now back to current affair (nothing exciting having happened recently...) today was obviously a good day for meeting interesting people I met a scifi geek called kat, who wants to be the next pratchett, for lunch and this evening I went out for drinks with genie22 and mcskwared who proved to be enjoyable company (wooo - two more people on my friends list are now in the "met" columm even if it did take three months to get around to it).

Now back at the flat watching Amelie on DVD and writing this lj entry.

heh just found an amusing but embarrasing conversation I had with mcskwared on another website, glad neither of us remembered it :P


Hope everyone had a good xmas and will have a good new year, I won't be online much this week so if you want me just phone me.

Some of you may have noticed that memeland has temporarily disappeared after making the server it was on fall over - I'm now in the process of moving it to a server farm with load-balancing so it shouldn't happen the next time I release a meme.

My sympathy to pinky_thebrain and others who lost friends in the asian earthquake. I've decided to donate all the income from memeland this year (comes to a few hundred total) to the UNICEF's Asian Earthquake appeal, I can more than afford to cover the costs of hosting myself and this seems a more appropriate use of the money.

An Xmas Meme !

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you're cool because

Not much done this weekend, I wanted to go watch a movie but couldn't find anyone who wanted to see any of the movies I wanted to see, hence just went shopping instead. Which is always a bad idea in london this close to christmas, but still got a lovely warm fleece.

Also went down to camden market which is very cool, lots of alternative type stuff there, well worth going to if you have been before.

And now for some of the "you're coool because..."

ilyanep - you're cool because your as smart as hell, when I was thirteen I was probably the smartest guy in my year at school. And I know you're a lot smarter than I was.

ladyortyger - hmm given that you've just cut me should I answer....yeah you're still cool, not least because you're geeky, cute and funny.

chibikawaii - you're cool simply because you are, you're journal is always worth reading (well at least in english - I assume the Norwegian entries are worth reading too ;-) even when things are going badly for you, you still come across as a lovely person.

squiggydaspcdog - you're a liberal in texas and that alon makes you cool. It's always enjoyable to chat to you on aim ;). There are lots other reasons you're cool too, which I'll no doubt remember

becuase I'm feelinf nice....

1. Reply to this post if you want/need me to tell you how cool you are!

2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why I think you rock my socks.

3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!