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Sweet Catastrophe
15 August
This is my graphics journal!
Please feel free to add me, I love to make icons and such for things like...
♥ Degrassi
♥ Project Runway
♥ Something Corporate
♥ Green Day
♥ The Nightmare Before Christmas
♥ Johnny Depp
♥ Weezer
♥ Liv Tyler
♥ Oceans 12
♥ Lyrics icons
♥ Custom!


And more to be added!

Rules: Anyone who wants to can become a friend of mine, I just request:
1. You must always comment with which icons you are taking
2. You must always credit to use my icons-- If you do not know how to credit JUST ASK! :)
3. No hotlinking, please
4. No altering graphics without my permission
5. Be nice :)


made by crazygoodnight

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