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Where Dreams Come To Die

The Final Resting Place

[The Original] ---+ Imaginary Fears +---
21 November
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Skully wants your brain.

brains: 0

[[+ ImFe +]]


---> 17
---> Female
---> St. Albans
---> Short black/green hair (at the moment)
---> Green eyes

.M.ore. .C.asual.

Some say goth, some say weirdo. I say myself. <---
Quitting smoking. O..@; <---
Drinking socially -cough- -cough- <---
Language includes alot of gibberish. To you anyway. I say it's finnish. XD <---


---> Music (emo/rock/old school)
---> Friends <3
---> Roleplay
---> Writing
---> Socialising
---> Alcohol
---> Anime/Manga
---> Darkness
---> Candlelight
---> Occasional silence


Townies <---
Little people/mini moshers <---
"It was lyk OMG and he said lyk OMG and I was lyk OMG and then we all lyk were lyk OMFG!!11oneone!" ... You get me? <---
Screaming little morons >.<; <---
Arrogant people <---
Lies <---
Cheating <---
People bitching about you behind your back <---


The autumn came took you away
I never expected you to stay
Black tears fallin' in the cold rain
I woke up on enight to the darkest dream
Your pretty ghost whisperin' to me
Just one drop and I'll give you eternity
I'm lookin' at you I'm lookin' for love
Never get enough when push comes to shove
Try to look at me tell me what you see
You let fantasy become reality even the night is callin' pretty baby screams
I buried my heart into the deapest seas
When the blood runs cold i feel hot in heal
The red moon risin' over you and me