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... [21 May 2003|05:15pm]
well I havn't posted in a while cause tim's been on vacation and we've spent some much needed time together, and whats great is tommorrows thursday and he goes back tommorrow but only has to work 2 days before a 3 day weekend (memorial day) I love holidays, especially when they're paid :D anyways though my cats are getting along great, but one thing,,...I can't name her, gah I dunno what to name her I was thinking "gem" or "mable" orr "nermal" and I really like "tigra" :/ but I don't know, arg boy cats are easier, my next boy cat is either gonna be felix or oscar, blahhh HELP ME PLEASE :/ oh and yeah instead of making a lj cut and making you wait a while for like 20 pics to load I am just gonna link to the directory all the images are in so yeah

(click this link to see some cute kitty photos =D)
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weeeeee LOOKIE :D [17 May 2003|06:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

weeee last night we went to michaels (my cousin) ex girlfriends (trying to get back together, and succeeding) apartment and her sister has like so many cats cause her 2 cats both had a litter of kittens and she had 5 kittens left, and 2 to get rid of and I REALLY wanted another cat for my kitty to have a friend, sooooo I took a girl kitty home, shes 6 weeks old and really little, shes so cute, and my kitty was being weird at first but now there so cute, sleepin together and everything, my babies just being a little teritorial, but itll get better, but LOOKIE at the pics I took...pics of the cutest kitties :PCollapse )

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boring shitty shit [16 May 2003|08:27am]
[ mood | bored ]

well its finally fucking FRIDAY! :D wooooo fuckin hoooo not that much will be going on or anything but my baby has monday-wednsday OFF! for vacation and he already has the weekend off :) so FIVE day weekend, weeeeee yessem, and sammi I am linking your site like right now, and felicity I'm adding your journal soon as well, so lemme ask ya something, why does NO one reply to my post's anymore? sammie still does<3 and every now and then mary does, but man fuckers, I don't comment in you'lls journals cause I'm a lazy tard and I always have someone telling me to get offline cause they need the phone ( yes I'm on a dial up ) =( anyways as far as the weekend goes I want to go see matrix 2 and I wannnnnt to go rent some movies and games and shit but we owe hollywood video alot of money, lol so maybe I'll go to this cheap shitty little place called video joe, hmmm, maybe. Anyways I'm bored and I'm going to be sitting here all day, maybe I'll change this journal layout soon, for something to do, I don't want to take down my new one at my site yet cause I like it, and man journal layouts compared to a site layout, site layout wayyyyy more work. anyways I'm going to go pack a bowl and maybe change this layout,OH and I noticed a couple people who added me to their friends list's and didn't tell me....I'm not mad but it would be nice if you let me know so I could have added you back, you know? so yeah I WANT MORE LJ FRIENDS :[ comment to be added fuckers, Oh I'm gonna clean out my friends list; meaning- :; if you haven't updated once in the last month I'll prolly take you off, andddd if you don't have me added ( but I think you all do ) then I'll take you off, please comment if you DONT want to be removed, oh yeah and vise versa comment if you wanna be my friend :(

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dum dum dum...bored. [15 May 2003|09:18am]
[ mood | high ]

okay well blah, nothing is going on I am just extremly bored so I thought I'd update, well hmm nothing ever happends so sorry I am so boring, well right now I'm watching fatherhood, enjoying my high, and I'm about to smoke a ciggarette, pooey, I'm all alone, Tim's at work, my cousin is sleepin so yeah this sucks, but anyways I haven't done shit latley, the night before last, and all day yesterday we hung out with michaels "ex" and girl hes in love with hoping to be together again, it makes me so sad everytime I see her, I cry cause I KNOW they are fucking ment for each other, yanoo? I mean I have no doubt that they won't be together again, but why not speed up the process and hurry up and be happy already? grr anyways last night we all went to this pond it's real nice and theres so many ducks and geese there, well we fed some of them, and dude there were fuckin chickens there, or roosters whatever, they had waddles, but man this one was yellow and so fluffy it looked like it was wearing bellbottoms and shit rofl, it was cute, anyways we fed the ducks and took a walk around the pond (like 2-3 miles around) lol but yeah anyways to sammi</b> :( I'm sorry I didn't have your site linked, I still didn't know you ever came back from your last "hiatus" you were gone for a while I just forgot, can you ever forgive me? :( I love j00<33

anyways I'm gonna go finish watching this movie, I'll post later or something, BI!

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long time no update [13 May 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well damn, no one reads this oviously no one ever comments here _pouts_ fuckers <^> anyways not a new layout here but I went back to generator, the other one was bothering me, theres a new layout over at crest-fallen too go see it, and comment :)

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cleaning...painting...bleh [05 May 2003|12:10am]
[ mood | calm ]

well Tim and I have been working hard on painting, bug bombing, carpet shampooing, rearanging, vacuming, sweeping, and cleaning my brothers old room and we're moved in it now, and wow what a change, so much more room, got my computer set up, beds in here love seat, fan,desk,ac unit,tv,and all the other crap, only thing left is the entertainment center, right now the tv is on the floor, blah, I still have lots to do but it's getting done, and me like it, I was so exausted today while tim was fixing the ac unit, and the window cause it was all fucked up, and I fell asleep on our little love seat, then I woke up tonight on the bed, heh I don't remember moving from the couch to the loveseat but thats ok, I slept for a couple hours, and I hate that cause I end up not being tierd after only a few hours, yet if I sleep for like 12 hours I can't get out of bed, but it's alright, so anyways yeah I thought this deserved an update, and now that it has I'll be going now, thanks to people who've signed my guestbook on my site, I'll be doing plugs on my gm at my site soon, maybe you'll get a hit or two from me, rofl, but yeah anyways I'm gonna go now, update later<3

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engaged? :) [02 May 2003|05:13am]
[ mood | happy ]

well hello to everyone out there, there happends to be a new layout up at crestfallen go see if you care, guestbook signers and commenters are appriciated and will be plugged, (not that it'll do much) but I'm sure you'd get at least 5 hits, lol :P anyways...

ON TO LIFE>.. well Tim asked me something important and special tonight, it wasn't the real proposal I will get some day, but we were talking and I was laying on the bed, and he got down on one knee, and grabbed my hand, and said "baby, I love you so much, will you marry me?" and I was like..."riiiight, your joking right?" and his smile turned into a frown, and I was like "you were serious?" and hes like "yes, very much, ...will you marry me?" and my response was .."YES", then we kissed and stuff and I said..."You know you still gotta put a ring on my finger and ask me AGAIN, right?" he is like, "Duh, I planned on it, but I love you and I want you to know that I want to be with you forever" , so yes we are technically 'engaged' now, but it won't be 100 million percent sure till I get a ring on my finger :P, so yea that was a great feeling, I love him so much, I'm one of the lucky ones..I hope it stays like this forever.

ok anyways I want michael (my cousin) to meet a new girl already, he has been broken up with his first love/heartbreak/took his virginity and ect....for about 3 months now, hes been ready for someone new but I guess it just isn't that easy to meet someone, SOMEONE FROM HOUSTON MEET MY COUSIN!@$ he really is a great guy, now all he needs is a great girl :(

okay well that's over now, go check out the new layout(s)_ and sign my fucking GUESTBOOK now fuckers, it needs some lovin, it's new, no entries....go sign damnit. k thnx

add me to you peoples friendsssss listsss, I want friends :/ I'm not good enough...<^>

OH and my brother is moving out on saturday, YAAAAAAY and on sunday we are bug bombing that room (fleas from his dog) and giving it a new coat of paint, and tim and I are moving in there.....weeeeeee WAY bigger room, I'm so happy one less person in the house.....Two if you count his stupid ass girlfriend being here 24/7 YAYYYY so yeah that's gonna be greeeeat

YAY IM ENGAGED...without the ring....YET :P (acts gay and makes a little marquee thingy!@$)

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a short story... [30 Apr 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

there was a story of a girl, she was a beautiful girl, she loves this guy, a mean guy, a guy whos abusive, a guy whos a adult as in compared to a child that she is, there is also this boy, a interesting boy, a good looking boy, a handsome boy, a sweet boy, a caring boy, a boy who is destened for love...
and in this search he finds this girl, who is in love with a man, that is an abusive man, a MAN, as compared to the child she is.
This boy is attracted to this girl, this beautiful girl, he thinks shes cute, he thinks shes sweet, he thinks shes all in all a great girl, and even though this girl, is not with this man that she longs for, and is free to be asked out, this boy can't exactly do that when he knows this girl is in love with this man.
Now even though this boys feelings are true, and this mans are not, this gal would still rather have the man who doesn't make her happy, this man who is a man, a man that isn't a boy, 10 years of age, 10 years of expirience, 10 years of relationships, more than she...
There is this boy, who is intrigued by this young girl, who simply is starting to have "feelings" for her, now we can't call this love cause it simply isn't, you can't be in love with someone you don't know, but this boy, longs to know this girl, longs to maybe kiss this girl, longs to try to give his heart to her, and make her happy.
now maybe you ask, why should the girl be with someone she doesn't love when she can be with the one she loves?
and the awnser is simply, ...

there is no simple awnser, it's all up to the heart, it's all up to the girl, the boy, and the man, but I can say this, no matter how much the man sopposibly "loves" the girl the boy is willing to give his heart to her, willing to start a new beginning with someone who wants the same things as the boy, to start clean with someone new, someone interesting, someone he enjoys being around...like this girl, ...
The one thing is, this boy will never get a chance because the girl lies back, and falls for the mans game, and continues to cry, and continues to hurt, and be hurt, because she'd rather be treated like dirt, then like a princess, because she loves him.

how do you love someone who hurts you constantly? who knows...I don't...

if you read this people, to all people, to the people it's about if you happen to read this, no one knows who the people are, or what its about so please don't trip, this is just my short story, titled: the boy who longed for that girl.

the point to this...? ____why don't people give a person a chance, why don't people test their feelings and go with the moment, why don't people see whether or not they like being treated like a queen, I dunno theres just a problem that lies within this writing, and it's happening right now, not me or anything just friends...close friends...friends who I know would be great together, but *sigh* you can't force someone to love someone, so who knows..

anyways I know that writing sucked, but I enjoyed writing it, gimme feedback if you'd like, and tell me in a short summary in normal terms...if you understand the situation.

..._anyways I have been working hard on my site, so far so good, main layout is finished, rollovers are done, html is coded, girl section is done, and like 5 more to go, heh so It should be back within a few days, no longer than a week, anyways comment fuckers ;x

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blah [30 Apr 2003|12:32pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm tierd as fuck, I been up all night working on a layout for my site, which is no where near done, bleh, new lj layout, and I changed from generator to disjointed so yeah I dunno if I like this color yet, I'll find out later, It might change I'm not sure, leave comments<33...ps..I want new friends :)

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bleh [27 Apr 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'll update this later, expect a new look for it too..
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OK! [24 Apr 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

alright, the shit is together now, and yes I know I'm using the same layout from the last one, but bleh deal with it, I didn't feel like changing it right now, I will real soon though, so ADDDDD MEEEEE :D I will post more later, and decide if I shall make this friends or not, probably not, ok later :D<3 COMMENT
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new lj [24 Apr 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

new livejournal thanks to becky<33, thank you sweetie<3 I gotta finish this shit, so bare with me, ADD ME + COMMENT, and I'll add you back, and I'm gonna re add everyone from blunt3d friends list, so comment, yeah :D

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READ THIS [24 Jun 1980|05:32pm]

lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve lo_ve :DDD now go and add me :D
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livejournal being a fag? [24 Jun 1980|11:25am]
Is livejournal still not letting me post???
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long time no see? [23 Jun 1980|03:50pm]
OMG, where does time go? I can't belive it's been so long without an update, my deepest appologies...

I have not been doing anything in particulaur just not online so much, my 18th birthday is July 14th so if you don't wish me a happy birthday on me birthday I'll kick your ass :P

Tim and I are good, I named my kitty "baby" my website needs a new layout, this journal needs a new layout (which I'm about to do), and I need to decide whether I wanna waste time putting my portal back up or not, bleh, Tim got this elliptical machine to work out on, and man this mother fucker is torture, I mean I go to the gym and I'll use their thing just like it and run on it for like 45 minutes and my legs don't hurt at all, but I ran on this thing for 10 minutes the first night we got it, went to bed, woke up and I was so fucking soar, and I've not rested my muscles and I've been working out still so I'm still soar but it's better, but man, talk about a work out. lol.

anyways I'm going to change this journal up a bit, I'll update in a bit...

did you miss me??!? :)
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