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An update, finally.


It's been a while. Maybe it's time for a little life update.

I decided to change departments at SFU. I'm know in the environmental science department studying physical geography. I'm really happy with this change. I finally feel like I'm studying something I really love and might actually be able to find a job in. I only have about a year and a half of full time studying before I'm done. I might be applying for a work term as well where they place you in an environmental science oriented job for one term.

Living with my dad in the suburbs of Vancouver now. It's very far from the city so that sucks, but my dad is a great guy so it's really not that bad. Just looking to save some money so my boyfiend and I can move in together at the start of the fall term in September.

Taking lots of classes this summer so not a lot of beach days for Katie. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end.

Dan (the boyfriend) is pretty much amazing. Not really much else to say about that. :)

What else is new? Not a whole lot, just really trying to focus on school so I can get that degree. Unfortunately some friendships have been put on hold because of this. I pretty much just go to school, come home, study, go to bed, and do it all again.

Anyway, tell me what's new eljayers!?
Comics...watchmen jon

Hssss....I'm a Python!

I'm kind of in love with computer programming. Talked to my academic advisor about transferring into the Applied Science department and they said it's not a problem at all. Also, doing some networking with my techie father in November. Yay! All those years of geeking out are finally paying off.


I went to my mother's house to drop off some shoes that I had taken to wear to work, as I have no comfy shoes, and when I walked in Brianne (who is renting a room from my mother) was making waffles. Score! So I got a free waffle breakfast/lunch today. I think this should happen everyday.
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Saw a skunk on the way home today! It was cute and cuddly and stinky and made me very very happy for some strange reason.

Hee. :D

could have been an emo post

A friend of a friend said yesterday that I was a bitch and everyone thinks so. Made it very hard to sleep yesterday. Which sucks, because I have a 12 hour waitressing shift today. Oh well. Workin' hard for the money. Finally fell asleep when I realized that some people are just mean and say mean things to other people to make themselves feel better. I'm not a bitch. Fo shizzle!

Also, realized I gotta hang out with Brianne, Laura, Alex, Caro, Kayla, Nolan, Megan, Doris, Annie, other Kayla, Julia, Maya, and Dillon more. These people don't think I'm a bitch, coincidentally.

This could have been an emo post but now I feel awesome so I guess not.

Drama School 101

So there seems to be all this drama and tension in my life all of the sudden for no apparent reason and I'm not really down with it. It was kinda making me a little bit crazy today and babysitting my little bro didn't seem like it was going to make my day any better. But it turns out playing Lego Star Wars with an eight year old for an obscene amount of time is acutally kind of theraputic. I feel a little bit epic, even. It's nice to step back sometimes and remember that all the little things don't mean anything unless you let them.

Very excited about starting uni next week. I am taking:
1. Modern Middle Eastern History
2. Physics 100
3. Calculus I
4. Computer Programming 100
I feel like I am at a perfect place in my life to be starting school...that is to say, I really feel like I am going to do well in these courses and really enjoy them. Learning shit is fun. You can quote me on that.

I miss watching LOST with Carolyn. When is it coming back on anyway? :(