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I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules.

Oh man, global warming kills. Lemme switch on the air conditioner. Please. *cries*

So, this morning I realized I haven't updated the website in two weeks. I'm that bad. *shakes head* I felt that guilty that today I wrote down Sarah's season 2 interview from "24: The Official Companion season 1 and 2" and did an update with that.
"I loved the airplane scene! The sequence where I killed Faheen with the gift card was so complicated. I remember the actor playing my bodyguard on the plane marveling, because, at one point, we have this conversation going on betweem Jack and his daughter nad Mason; then we have my Arabic going on with Faheen. There was no way for the director to cue us because I was supposed to be saying these things that are being translated, so everyone had to be doing this weird listening. Meanwhile, Faheen has no idea what is being said. I'm shackled and I had to lean down and tap his knee to cue him to get really upset. I remember my bodyguard was going, 'Whoa, there's all this communication going on and I have no idea what's happening!'
"Those scenes in particular are when Kiefer is really good. What I loved playing in Nina was when Jack would get really mad and I would get even more liquid and pay it blasé, and it would just get him even angrier," she laughs.

And since we're at it, her season 1 interview is pretty cool too:
One of the more low-key, but incredibly important confrontations of the season was the conversation at the safe house between Nina and Teri. Previously friendly with one another, their conversation quickly goes downhill when it comes out that Nina had an affair with Jack during the Bauer separation.
The subsequent tense tête-à-tête between the women became a favorite scene for the actresses. Sarah Clarke says, "We were very proud of that scene and really happy that the producers realized that it was necessary." Leslie Hope concurs, "It was one of my favorite scenes, so watching Sarah play the scene, and what she did with it, was so good!"

Sarah needs to be on TV soon wtf. She is supposed to be in a play in LA but I still can't find anything about it. And it's in LA so I can't go there anyway, so TV's better. :P

Not much to say today... I'm just waiting for the F1 Grand Prix to finish so I can go and watch some episodes of MillenniuM. Watched yesterday probably the best episode ever "The Curse of Frank Black" and the key character was played by Oz's Dean Winters. So good.

And downloading Battlestar Galactica.

There are more links than words in this post. I think I set a new record. Bye.