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Clearly I remember from the windows they were watching

New layout! _ila_! _ila_! _ila_!

So Spain won the European championship. It was a good match to watch and Spain deserved to win, so congrats to the team.
This year I tried to watch all the matches that I could, minus Italy vs Spain cuz I was at work (not cool, I had to listen to it at the radio), but I got home in time for the penality kicks - and we lost anyway, so not such a big loss in the end.

LMAO, Sarah! The crazy clothes! And the crazier hair! And Xander sings! Check out #22 Rebecca.

Yesterday one of my former middle school classmates came by where I work, and she was with her boyfriend. Now, last November when we had the middle school reunion dinner, she was saying that she was in a relationship with this guy who happened to be the brother of a guy I knew; she even showed us pictures of him and he didn't really look that good looking (plus, his brother - the guy I knew - was not good looking at all). But yesterday, when I saw him live... Man, he's cute! He looks like Threadless' Ross - so totally adorable. Like, why do you have such a pretty boyfriend? It's not fair. Ok, let's move on or I might start crying.

Does it ever happen to you that one of your fonts disappears from the computer without you doing anything? I think my computer ate Century Gothic... And I'm really confuzzled.

And a meme. Taggey by goa_glows.

The rules are as follows:
1. Pick a hot guy... take a moment to think.
2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.
4. Tag 5 other users.

Now, I have to say at first I wanted do Freddy Ljungberg cuz he's just really hot and I've liked him since I saw his CK underwear ad many years, then my aunt started obsessing me with this other dude, David Gandy, a D&G model - she basically sent me on a hunt for every kind of picture of this guy ("better if naked" she said...). And then I realized that the second season of Mad Men is going to premiere like tomorrow and I really can't wait, I missed the show so much, so here he comes, the mad man, Jon Hamm. (Who, in addition of being good looking, he's also a great and golden globe winning actor. Just sayin'...)

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EDIT: AHA, forgot to tag 5 people. averita, whenidream, _omnivore_, on_the_ground, cecism!
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You're the target that I'm aiming at

I hear everybody saying so many good things about Friday Night Lights, so I kinda started watching it. The tricky thing is I know nothing about American football so most of the times, when they're playing, I'm like um, interesting... what was that again? Why did they win? But yeah, it's not like the football match really is the main thing, so you know, never mind. Also, for some weird reason, after watching the first two episodes, I spent the whole night dreaming of Connie Britton and the guy who plays her husband in the show. And it was kind of awkward cuz, uhm, what are you doing in my dreams? Do I even know you? Like, I watched 3 movies with Lena Headey in 3 days, then I watched 2 movies with Sarah, and not once I've dreamt about them. I watch FNL once and I dream about it. My mind works in mysterious ways. Or it doesn't work at all... I've also dreamt I had a shiny green Jaguar. Not sure why. And I was very disappointed when I woke up and realized I didn't really have it. Anyways!
Since we're talking about movies and stuff, I've also seen The Lather Effect. Ok, Sarah was beyond adorable in it (although she says the best '80s song ever is the American remake of Umberto Tozzi's "Gloria"... go figure), but the movie? It kind of sucked wasn't as cool. Bad Sarah. You make me watch and purchase these silly movies I'd never watch. If it wasn't for you.

After 15 lines of the usual nonsense, I kind of have a favour to ask to my American pals... Hi guys! *waves*
So, I was kinda hoping someone could buy - and mail me - the June issue of Entertainment Weekly with Mad Men on the cover (pictured here on the left).

I have no idea if it's already out or anything, but if you happen to find a copy and would be willing to send it to me, I'd really appreciate. If you have PayPal then I can reimburse you the price of the magazine and the shipping, or I can get you an Amazon gift certificate, Threadless shirts (which is having crazy sale right now), etc.. I'm sure we can work something out. :)
nebakanezer FTW. :)
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If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I'm not ashamed of it.

I haven't updated my journal in like forever. Either I don't have anything interesting to say or I forget to post - when I do have something to say.

Main point of this post is: Sarah Clarke has (apparently) been added to the cast of Twilight as (I'm assuming) Bella's mother. This makes my life complete. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of the Twilight books, but once I started reading I couldn't stop anymore. And the Twilight fandom is huge and hopefully they're going to make 4 wonderful movies based on the books. USA Today says Vampire tale takes bite out of 'Potter'.
For all the Harry Potter fans in my flist I'll just add that Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) is going to play the charming vampire Edward Cullen, so one more reason to join this fandom. :P
Talk about coincidence: I was in Bologna this morning and on my way back, on the train, I finished to read Eclipse (the third book of the Twilight saga) and the moment I arrived home, lamortparfaite texted me "SARAH CLARKE IN TWILIGHT" and I'm like "WTFare you talking about?" then, waiting for his reply, I started checking every Twilight site/community I know of and found out that it was true, he wasn't trying to fool me!

I opened a Flickr account, just for fun: http://www.flickr.com/photos/itsila/
Speaking of photos, for my upcoming birthday my mom got me a Holga camera. I can't wait to try it, it's going to be so much fun. Clearly I'm not allowed to touch it until my birthday... this sucks.
Still about cameras, I found in a drower an old Kodak Instamatic 77x. Every photo store I went looking for the film told me it was out of production since many years, but luckily I found a website that still sells that kind of film and I bought it. As soon as it arrives, I'll be playing a lot with this camera as well. :-)

EDIT: I had it confirmed: Sarah IS in Twilight. Still not sure about the role.
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Promise to take me back to the tune we played before you went away.

So, apparently "Life" got a full season order. YAY! (So now Sarah Clarke's character can come back and marry Crews or something. :D Now that I've mentioned SC I feel a lot better.) NBC does make some good decision, sometimes. "Journeyman" got the two weeks notice instead... Just when I was starting to like it.


Reunion dinner with my middle school friends was awesome. Someone couldn't make it, but the most part of the class was there. It was so weird seeing how time has changed some of them and how others haven't changed at all. Like, the boys where exactly the same. I won the award for the one who changed the most. Didn't have the courage to ask if it was in a good way... :P
It was 8 years since we last saw each other. I mean, I personally kept in touch with a bunch of them, but lost contact with most. And was just so cool to get back together after so much time and find out what we've been doing all these years. 
We left promising each other not to wait another 8 years to get together for another reunion dinner. :)

The other day I called my denstist cuz I haven't been seeing her in two years, so it feels like it's time for a check up. Actually, I've been having this feeling that something is somehow wrong... I mean, I don't have any caries or anything, never had one, but I don't know. It's a feeling, you know. We've been working so hard to get my teeth pretty and shiny and we wouldn't want it ruined just because I noticed something was off and didn't say anything. Besides, I trust her with my life. If she said "we have to remove all your teeth cuz it's best that way", I'd be like "Yes ma'am. Let's do it."
So I called the dentist's office and I spoke with the secretary. It turned out to be most embarassing conversation ever.
SECRETARY: So, you're already scheduled for an appointment next year, around June.
ME: Yeah, I know, but it's been two years already and I just want to make sure everything's alright.
SECRETARY: What, is anything wrong?
ME: No, no. I hope not.
SECRETARY: So, what's up?
ME: I don't know, it's just a feeling...
SECRETARY: A... feeling?
ME: Yeah, like... I just wanna make sure.
SECRETARY: A feeling like... a sixth sense?
ME: (I don't see this ending well...) Sort of. Maybe.
SECRETARY: What kind of sixth sense?
ME: (Look, I'd REALLY really love to tell you everything about my feeling, but) I'm sorry, I'm calling from my cellphone and I'm running out of money, would you please--
SECRETARY: Sure, of course. Lemme see when the doctor has a free hour for you...
Awkward. She must have thought I was on crack or something. Or she was.
The funny thing is I lost the post-it where I wrote the day of the appointment, so I'm gonna have to call in again and ask when was it. I just hope there's another secretary today.

I'm writing an imaginary essay called "Truths about TV". It's nothing serious, don't worry. I started writing it while analyzing my dad's crazy zapping. Hopefully it'll turn out silly enough and I'll post it here.

P.S: Those of my fl who are fans of Sarah and considered sending something in for the Sarah-Clarke.net calendar project, now's the time (or it's the time to start working on something and send it soon :P). There's also the chance to win pretty things. :)
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I'm seeing all the signs, and I wanted you to know...

I was about to say I feel bad for this cute dog, having his face painted like a clown and having to stand/sit on a... something, 3 foot from the gound, all day long, (like this), and being touched by all kind of celebrity. But on second thought: being touched by all kind of celebrity? Lucky doggy. Especially by these two celebrities and their precious daughter.
I want that dog I want to be that dog.

And Sarah's ep of "Life" is tonight! :D
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I pushed you down deep in my soul for too long.

Happy birthday to little Olwyn (Sarah and Xander's baby girl) who turns 1 year old today! :)

I'm just back from a "party" myself: Valentina and Janis had their baby girl, Roberta, baptized today. Vale was kinda complaining because she was the one who carried the baby for 9 months, went through all the pain and stuff, but the baby totally looks like him. ;) She's so cute and adorable with those big blue eyes, and so soft, aww!

I built a damn fine gallery and put there pretty much all the random screencaps I made. So there's Xander Berkeley in random movies and shows, Greg Itzin and James Morrison in "Millennium", Kathryn Morris, and, yes, all random stuff like that. It's called RANDOMAGE. You wouldn't have guessed, huh? ;)
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I'll try to do it right this time around.

1. Sarah Clarke's fans: Calendar Project everybody!

2. I'm learning new Swedish words reading the IKEA catalog. Except, I don't know what they mean. So if I say "hej, I saw your nmoln today. It looked very bekväm." would you just nod, please? Thanks.
What I like about IKEA is that everything is pretty cheap but looks very stylish, so you could invite your friends over, show them your new furniture and say "that couch was designed by a very important French artist, the name's Ikeé-Ha." and the smart one would be like "yeah, I've heard of him" and since you're always smarter you'd say "Her. It's a woman." and the apparently-not-so-smart friend would reply "Right. Ikeé-ah. Of course" and you'd win anyway. If I could I'd really fill my house with IKEA's stuff. And I'd feel very Swedish then.
Yes, that's what I do when I'm in the bathroom: I read the IKEA catalog and imagine showing my friends my non-existent IKEA furniture and making up that that is a couch by a famous French artist.

2b. Question that have been torturing me ever since that IKEA thing: why pretty much all famous Swedish people don't look Swedish at all? Lena Olin? Peter Stormare? Hello, blond hair, blue eyes anyone? Oh, and above all, soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He looks terribly Swedish.

3. I bought Isabella Rossellini's book "Some of me". Ok, this of no interest for any of you but whenidream maybe. I was curious how she would explain her dressing like she does and looking very gay. She writes how one day she was at the Lancôme's boss (or something, can't remember exactly) house, having dinner and at some point she needed to use the bathroom and so passed by his bedroom and saw his closet open and took a look inside. It was all graysh suits. And realizing her current wardrobe was all jeans and tshirts and she was getting famous so she needed something else too, right, she suddenly thought "wow, I want something like that, too." Except, hello? Isabella, you're a woman.
I remember I read somewhere online that when she's at home she likes to wear French pajamas that everybody thinks are clothes. I guess that explains why she goes at public events wearing dresses that look like pajamas. There is a logic here.

3b. Remember not to invite Isabella Rossellini over: she'll snoop around in your closet.

4. I forgot.

5. I'm pretty sure I had somehting else to say.

6. Well, I was wrong. Heh.

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I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules.

Oh man, global warming kills. Lemme switch on the air conditioner. Please. *cries*

So, this morning I realized I haven't updated the website in two weeks. I'm that bad. *shakes head* I felt that guilty that today I wrote down Sarah's season 2 interview from "24: The Official Companion season 1 and 2" and did an update with that.
"I loved the airplane scene! The sequence where I killed Faheen with the gift card was so complicated. I remember the actor playing my bodyguard on the plane marveling, because, at one point, we have this conversation going on betweem Jack and his daughter nad Mason; then we have my Arabic going on with Faheen. There was no way for the director to cue us because I was supposed to be saying these things that are being translated, so everyone had to be doing this weird listening. Meanwhile, Faheen has no idea what is being said. I'm shackled and I had to lean down and tap his knee to cue him to get really upset. I remember my bodyguard was going, 'Whoa, there's all this communication going on and I have no idea what's happening!'
"Those scenes in particular are when Kiefer is really good. What I loved playing in Nina was when Jack would get really mad and I would get even more liquid and pay it blasé, and it would just get him even angrier," she laughs.

And since we're at it, her season 1 interview is pretty cool too:
One of the more low-key, but incredibly important confrontations of the season was the conversation at the safe house between Nina and Teri. Previously friendly with one another, their conversation quickly goes downhill when it comes out that Nina had an affair with Jack during the Bauer separation.
The subsequent tense tête-à-tête between the women became a favorite scene for the actresses. Sarah Clarke says, "We were very proud of that scene and really happy that the producers realized that it was necessary." Leslie Hope concurs, "It was one of my favorite scenes, so watching Sarah play the scene, and what she did with it, was so good!"

Sarah needs to be on TV soon wtf. She is supposed to be in a play in LA but I still can't find anything about it. And it's in LA so I can't go there anyway, so TV's better. :P

Not much to say today... I'm just waiting for the F1 Grand Prix to finish so I can go and watch some episodes of MillenniuM. Watched yesterday probably the best episode ever "The Curse of Frank Black" and the key character was played by Oz's Dean Winters. So good.

And downloading Battlestar Galactica.

There are more links than words in this post. I think I set a new record. Bye.