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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

Are you trying to kill me?

Again some icons you requested from me.

 for xandra73 (it came out kinda dark, so I don't know if you like it...)

 and  for amaelgreenleaf (I hope this is what you wanted.)

 for mrsemmielou

The icon request post is here.

P.S.= The next one who says "surprise me" or doesn't provide a link, will be killed right away have an elephant pee on their favourite shirt! ;))

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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

I did it all just for her.

I just got back from my friends' band's concert. They're called Bubble Girlz. LOL. So, there was this sort-of challenge, with other two bands, Bad Pyre and Vicolo Inferno... Bubble Girlz ended up winning (€200, btw). Probably just because they brought to the party lots of friends, and since the voting method was the more you drink the more you vote... Well, I did my part. ;)

I love Vicolo Inferno, they're so talented! And the singer is so cute! ;) I'm sorry they ended third. :(


Anyway, here the firsts icons I got requests for:

 for whenidream

 for xfairy1013 (Fay, next time an image with a better resolution, please... ¬_¬)

  for amaelgreenleaf

HERE to request and icon.
S&X kissy by eveningwalk

Icons requests

Comment to this post if you want to request an icon.

You must provide a link where I can find pictures of the subject you want in the icon. You may provide a specific image and a text to put in the icon. Otherwise I'll pick a random image and write some random text.

You can ask just one icon at time, but you can come back here and comment every time you want.

When the icon is done, I might post it in a new entry (and let you know I did so) or just posting it replying to your comment.

That's all. Have fun! :-)