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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

I wear white socks. So what?

Did I mention my lovely hard disk is back? Yup, it's fixed and working - costed me money and money and money, thoguh (did I say money?) - I just re-placed it in its case, all by myself - am I a Chloe or what?! - connected it to the computer and, OMG, all my stuff in there! For real! YAY! *kisses the hard disk*

And since I haven't shared with my FL a music video I made some time before the hard disk died (and it was saved on it), I'll do it now. It's really short, though, less than 2 minutes. If colorstoobright is still obsessed with that Grissom's song, will surely like it - well, the music at least. :P

24 Jack & Nina "Memories" 
Size: 5MB
Download: wmv  (link updated on Feb 11th 2007)
Music: "Grissom's overture" by John M. Keane
Spoilers: season 1, 2 and 3.

whenidream, what color are your socks today? Mine are embarassingly white.

S&X kissy by eveningwalk

I guess I was wrong now one more time

I'm working on the new layout. On the header now actually. But I don't forget that I have to convert whenidream into a Jack/Nina shipper. SO!: brainwashingness of music videos!! This one is all new (well, maybe not to im_a_yogi, but she's my test audience ;P).

"One more time" 41MB more or less, zipped .avi. The song is "Sick cycle carousel" by Lifehouse. Complete denial. Enjoy! XD
And comment comment comment! You're my (second) test audiences! ;P