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Mad Men - Mad Don by call_me_daisy

You're the target that I'm aiming at

I hear everybody saying so many good things about Friday Night Lights, so I kinda started watching it. The tricky thing is I know nothing about American football so most of the times, when they're playing, I'm like um, interesting... what was that again? Why did they win? But yeah, it's not like the football match really is the main thing, so you know, never mind. Also, for some weird reason, after watching the first two episodes, I spent the whole night dreaming of Connie Britton and the guy who plays her husband in the show. And it was kind of awkward cuz, uhm, what are you doing in my dreams? Do I even know you? Like, I watched 3 movies with Lena Headey in 3 days, then I watched 2 movies with Sarah, and not once I've dreamt about them. I watch FNL once and I dream about it. My mind works in mysterious ways. Or it doesn't work at all... I've also dreamt I had a shiny green Jaguar. Not sure why. And I was very disappointed when I woke up and realized I didn't really have it. Anyways!
Since we're talking about movies and stuff, I've also seen The Lather Effect. Ok, Sarah was beyond adorable in it (although she says the best '80s song ever is the American remake of Umberto Tozzi's "Gloria"... go figure), but the movie? It kind of sucked wasn't as cool. Bad Sarah. You make me watch and purchase these silly movies I'd never watch. If it wasn't for you.

After 15 lines of the usual nonsense, I kind of have a favour to ask to my American pals... Hi guys! *waves*
So, I was kinda hoping someone could buy - and mail me - the June issue of Entertainment Weekly with Mad Men on the cover (pictured here on the left).

I have no idea if it's already out or anything, but if you happen to find a copy and would be willing to send it to me, I'd really appreciate. If you have PayPal then I can reimburse you the price of the magazine and the shipping, or I can get you an Amazon gift certificate, Threadless shirts (which is having crazy sale right now), etc.. I'm sure we can work something out. :)
nebakanezer FTW. :)
V for Vendetta - by cool_rush

Movies 2008

(001) 01/01 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
(002) 01/03 Finding Neverland
(003) 01/15 13 Going on 30
(004) 01/16 I Am Legend
(005) 01/27 National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I Am Legend

(006) 02/07 Cloverfield
(007) 02/09 Silk
(008) 02/10 30 Days of Night
(009) 02/11 The Brave One
(010) 02/14 Atonement
(011) 02/23 Zodiac
(012) 02/27 Rendition

The Brave One Atonement

(013) 03/01 Jumper
(014) 03/02 Straightheads
(015) 03/03 Transformers
(016) 03/06 The Reaping
(017) 03/09 Michael Clayton
(018) 03/11 Fracture
(019) 03/23 The Passion of the Christ

Fracture Jumper

(020) 04/01 Red Eye
(021) 04/10 Into the Wild
(022) 04/11 88 Minutes
(023) 04/19 The Interpreter (rewatch)
(024) 04/27 There Will Be Blood

Into the Wild The Interpreter


(025) 05/03 Walk All Over Me
(026) 05/11 Once
(027) 05/12 Juno
(028) 05/14 Iron Man
(029) 05/15 Turistas
(030) 05/16 The Colony (watch online)
(031) 05/16 27 Dresses
(032) 05/17 Hitman
(033) 05/18 Imagine Me and You
(034) 05/19 Prime
(035) 05/20 Doomsday
(036) 05/21 The Air I Breathe
(037) 05/22 The Cave
(038) 05/23 The Bucket List
(039) 05/24 The Departed
(040) 05/25 300 (rewatch)
(041) 05/26 Aberdeen
(042) 05/31 The Lather Effect

Once The Colony Imagine Me & You


(043) 06/02 Bewitched
(044) 06/04 The Invasion
(045) 06/06 Taking Lives
(046) 06/12 The Mist
(047) 06/21 The Oxford Murders
(048) 06/23 The Weather Man
(049) 06/24 Premonition


(050) 07/02 The Flock
(051) 07/03 Untraceable
(052) 07/05 The List
(053) 07/06 The Bank Job
(054) 07/08 Cassandra's Dream
(055) 07/14 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
(056) 07/20 Never Back Down
(057) 07/24 Wanted
(058) 07/24 The Dark Knight

Wanted The Dark Knight

(059) 08/21 Pathology
(060) 08/26 Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
(061) 08/29 The Number 23

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

V for Vendetta - by cool_rush

Come back, or I shall die.


I just found out that the movie based on Alessandro Baricco's novel "Silk" is about to come out. Somehow I wish that they had made another one of his novels into a movie. "Silk" is sweet but not my favorite... And seems quite complicated to get a good movie out of it.
"Silk" tells the story of a married silkworm merchant-turned-smuggler in 19th century France who travels to Japan to collect his clandestine cargo of silkworms after a disease wiped out their African supply. During his stay in Japan, he becomes obsessed with the beautiful concubine of a local baron.
The book is very poor of dialogues, is all about feelings, looks. Plus they made a really weird casting choice. In the book the main character, Hervé Joncour, is 33 years old, for his part in the movie they chose Michael Pitt who's 26 and looks like he's 12. And they made quite a major change that is very likely to kinda ruin the whole "mystery" around the story: the concubine of the Japanese baron in the book is described as European looking (and that's why he's so charmed by her - he often wonders what an European woman is doing there, and when he's back in France and says that he saw an European woman, he's told that in Japan there cannot be an European woman), while in the movie she is played by a Japanese actress??? I mean, I thought that her being European was one of the main point of the book... if you take that kind of mystery away, you're left with either making up feelings and dialogues or ending up with a boring movie.
The first Baricco's "novel" that was made into a movie "La Leggenda del Pianista sull'Oceano", based on the monologue "Novecento" he wrote for a friend's play (it was then published and it's a very good read), is pretty amazing, exactly how I imagined it reading the book. So I'm a little sad that "Silk" doesn't really seem to be like the book... Too early to say anyway.

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About his "Silk", Baricco says:
"This is not a novel. This is a story. It begins with a man that travels across the world, and ends with a lake that stays still in a windy day. The man's name is Hervé Joncour. The lake's no one knows.
You could say it's a love story. But f it was only that, it wouldn't have been worth telling. There are desires, and aches and pains, you know exactly what they are, but you can't find a real word to name them. And, anyway, it's not love. (This is an ancient thing. When you don't have a word to say things, the you use stories. That's how it works. Since many centuries.)
Every story has its own music. This one has a white music. It's important to say that because white music is a strange music, sometimes it's disconcerting: it plays softly and you dance it slowly. When someone plays it right, it's like listening to silence, and those who dance it very good, you look at them, and they seem still. It's a damn complicated thing, the white music.
Not much left to add. Maybe I should specify that it's set in 19th century: so do not expect planes, washing machines or psychoanalysts. There's none. Maybe another time."

xfairy1013, thank you so much for sending me Lady Oscar! I got it yesterday! Thanks for adding also the manga, I've never read it. :D
S&X kissy by eveningwalk

are you happy now?

im_a_yogi, once again an update only for you - and you keep saying I'm not a nice girl?! ;)
Well, I made some Pas de Deux icons. Oh, what an adorable movie! And Sarah is simply lovely! *^_^*

What's wrong with 24writers?! How many characters they want to kill off this year? Hm...?

A big ice cream would console me, maybe ;)

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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

The accident

This morning was just boring, and I was so tired I was almost sleeping awake. It's your fault im_a_yogi, don't look so innocent! ;P

In a few minutes I'll go at my aunt's because she needs help with the computer - sometimes I wonder why I know how computers work - and, since I'm a nice girl, I'll send also your 24 episodes (3x21 and 3x22), im_a_yogi.

Oh, almost forgot! Here some icons from The Accident, a movie with Sarah Clarke. Today seems to be all for you, im_a_yogi ;) See, I'm really a very nice girl...

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